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GameCube - Swiss v0.6r1290

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@bladeoner committed:

  • Add bug and feature reports
  • Add question report and add labels
  • Update reports
  • Add Github Workflow and update README.md

@emukidid commited:

  • Move rename and mkdir to deviceHandler level

@Extrems committed:

  • Optimize buffer copy.
  • Remove IP fragmentation support.
  • Merge buffer and stack.
  • Improve IDE-EXI v2 read performance very slightly.
  • Read directly to buffer when possible.
  • Use DMA to transmit.
  • Optimize certain FAT operations.
  • Unhide dot files.
  • Invalidate memory allocated for framebuffer.
  • Replace memcpy with our own. (experimental)
  • Add TOSEC database.
  • Recognize a modified banner as a modified game.
  • Fix parsing NDDEMO.
  • Add back legacy IGR combo.
  • Use opening.bnr in directory as directory metadata.
  • Fix directory icons on DVD and USB Gecko.
  • Use wrapper to concatenate paths.
  • Use wrapper to get device path.
  • Support formatted paths.
  • Add some FSP error messages.
  • Move up FSP settings.
  • Other minor networking changes.
  • Prepare support for FSP over a routed network.
  • Rebuild dol2gci.
  • Finish 7b40ed1.
  • Move cheats directory to be under /swiss.
  • Fix overwriting file with itself in root directory.
  • Fix regression from 75710a2.
  • Patch Killer7 to use the correct struct members.
  • Recognize errors upon file closure.
  • Add game integrity verification.
  • Only show option if game can be verified.
  • Update Redump database.
  • Refactor getFragments.
  • Fix last minute reordering.
  • Fix booting TGC files on GC Loader.
  • Enable patches on FSP server.
  • Add streaming audio emulation for FSP.
  • Force TGC files to use our reload stub.
  • Add IGR combo to forcibly reset game. (R, Z and START/PAUSE)

@lukas227 committed:

  • Fix typo in 2^13-1
da416905eafed8e884a3ed84ebbedf57832dff4669a54174aed0fd024fd3cec2  NKit_v1.4.20220317.zip
0d7a2b5d03aaf16a748d660bde4776c11ffa3ad6579df7cf14a73d1281f02cd2  swiss_r1290.7z
730af022a38accbd1f4b0dfcf1f970138cacd0179e81214d649bf740eac1dbef  swiss_r1290.tar.xz

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