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GameCube - Swiss v0.6r1318

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@cristofercruz committed:

  • PSD source file for backdrop

@emukidid committed:

  • Update to current patreon supporters

@Extrems committed:

  • Bump down optimization level to keep size in check.
  • Re-enable Qoob on hot reset or IGR.
  • Reset SD card on hot reset or IGR.
  • Optimize textures.
  • Optimize button highlight texture.
  • Optimize backdrop texture.
  • Update Redump database.
  • Add patched gxtexconv. (extremscorner/gamecube-tools@846a04a)
  • Optimize intensity + alpha textures.
  • Fix banner blending mode in game info screen.
  • Move PAD hook to top of memory.
  • Round up size of reload stub.
  • Add xeno.dol GCI distribution.
  • Ensure /swiss exists before migrating cheats.
  • Update cheats location in tooltip.
  • Prepare for custom backdrops.
  • Optimize backdrop texture.
  • Add stdio compatibility.
  • Load custom backdrop from /swiss/backdrop.tpl on default device.
  • Add support for date/time-based backdrops.
  • Add clean titles.
  • Update package index.
  • Use clean titles in carousel view.
  • Improve banner text display.
  • Move selection to directory we come out of.
  • Refactor upToParent.
  • Add support for Datel MaxDrive and MadCatz GameShark save formats.
  • Use save file's internal name.
  • Fix some edge cases.
  • Improve autoload/recent list handling and usability.
  • Enable setting a directory as autoload entry.
  • Fix recent list on WODE and other devices.
  • Increase FAT cache size.
cbbe0e8373715c6f53f8b3f7616924d9b83bff462f7907748f726d224720f95b  NKit_v1.4.20220426.zip
cbd25bd889f7ccf69e88bccae1cf7ccee2b3a9d2d6e89cd1e673c8a2a27537cb  swiss_r1318.7z
c9c374f45925df46eec319689672a5f6fd95445e1762ccf0f9705a4836d7a09a  swiss_r1318.tar.xz

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