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Switch - hwfly-nx Release 0.7.0

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  • prevent multiple payload writes during training
  • improved loading times for sdloader
  • prevent battery drain on OLED after power off from sdloader


  • add led pattern to indicate all attempts exhausted (red pulsing)
  • improve reflashing check
  • glitch mechanism: move on slightly faster to next known offset
  • no need to update if your device trained fine


  • glitching mechanism improvement: do not reset pulse width during initial training but adjust until correct
  • no need to update if your device trained fine


  • redesigned glitching mechanism; should be faster and more reliable
  • redesigned LED patterns provides clear diagnostics for error scenarios and process progress
  • updated SDloader payload. If SDcard unreadable, press VOL UP & VOL DOWN to boot OFW.
  • added support for SX Core & SX Lite modchips


  • Place a compatible payload, i.e. hekate, in your sdcard root folder under name payload.bin.
  • After initial training (up to 5 minutes), modchip is ready and should boot quickly.
  • Holding VOL+ during boot prevents the modchip from going to sleep. This subsequently allows interactions with hwfly-toolbox for additional modchip operations and diagnostics.
  • When glitching is successful but an sdcard issue prevent loading of payload.bin, diagnostics are provided on the screen. From this screen, OFW can be booted by pressing VOL+ & VOL- simultaneously.
  • Holding VOL+ and VOL- during power-on bypasses any payloads and boots into OFW. Buttons must be held until glitching completes.


Reference the diagram below to find the meaning for each LED pattern the modchip can show during operation.
[LED patterns


Updating can be done using one of 3 methods:

Method a) - Using USB bootloader (preferred)

  1. Fully power of console.
  2. Insert USB cable. Take extreme caution not to insert incorrectly, this fully kills USB functionality on the chip.
  3. Run flash.bat. This updates both bootloader and firmware.
  4. Remove USB cable.
  5. Power on console.

**Method b) - Using hwfly-toolbox
This method does not require opening device, but it cannot flash the bootloader.
LED patterns in bootloader will not correspond with documented ones.

  1. Obtain hwfly toolbox from https://github.com/hwfly-nx/hwfly-toolbox/releases
  2. Place hwfly_toolbox.bin in sdcard:/bootloader/payloads/.
  3. Boot switch into hekate, then run hwfly_toolbox.bin payload.
  4. Update SD loader from toolbox menu.
  5. Power off console from menu.
  6. Place firmware.bin and sdloader.enc from hwfly firmware into sdcard root. Do not do so earlier.
    If you have previously flashed a beta firmware, also create empty file .force_update in sdcard root.
  7. Put SD in switch and power on while holding VOL+ (verify: modchip green light keep pulsing while hekate loads).
  8. Run hwfly_toolbox from hekate again.
  9. Update firmware from menu.
  10. Reboot & done.

Method c) - External programmer (j-link, st-link, gd-link)
See https://www.sthetix.info/flashing-updating-unbricking-the-chip/ for details.
Supplied bootloader.bin should be flashed at 0x08000000.
Supplied payload.bin should be flashed at 0x08003000.

Note: neither method will allow unflashable chips to become flashed. Unflashable ones have a BGA FPGA IC on the board. Flashable ones use a QFN FPGA.

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