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Switch - Goldleaf 0.7.1 - Quarky release!


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Thank you a lot for 1.1k stars! Love you all :)


  • 9.0.0 support was added.

  • Introducing a new, properly made PC client: Quark! (since Goldtree was made as quick as possible, I've wanted to remake it from scratch since 0.1...)

    • Quark is going to be Goldtree's new replacement.

    • It's Java and cross-platform, supporting Windows, Linux and Mac.

    • It has a fancy, Material-style UI, which you can interact with while USB is handled in the background.

    • Note that it's still experimental! You will need JRE/JDK 8u60 or higher to use it.

  • Console information layout has been remade into a new layout, introducing some new cool and QoL features:

    • A new menu allows to view the current console update's version, plus an option to export it!

    • In case the console has a pending update downloaded (when the system auto-downloads an update) it can also be exported or removed, so that booting into Maintenance menu isn't neccessary to do so.

    • Updates can be exported in directory (to be later installed with Choi) or in NSP form.

  • Title exporting

    • NSP generating code was rewritten from scratch, what might involve performance improvements.

    • Exported contents' directory was moved to /dump/title since update are exported to /dump/update.

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