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Switch - Goldleaf 0.7.3 - Some small fixes


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  • General

    • Now the console's supported key generation is read from BOOT0 (it was hardcoded manually before) - this means that Goldleaf won't have to be updated in new console updates to fix key mismatch errors! Thus, 9.0.1 support was also fixed.
  • Updates

    • Goldleaf's updater is broken on 0.7.2 (and probably lower versions). PLEASE, DON'T USE IT TO UPDATE TO 0.7.3!. Luckily, it is fixed for this version, so next versions (0.7.x, 0.8...) should download fine when they get released soon.

    • Pending update detection was barely broken, but has been fixed too. As mentioned in previous releases, you can export it to install it safely with ChoiDujourNX, and delete it from system after that.

Quark hasn't changed - it is still 0.2. This is just a copy of 0.7.2 release's JAR!

Have fun with Goldleaf and Quark, as always!

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