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Switch - Goldleaf 0.10 + (Quark 0.5) - Back again


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In general, a huge code cleanup went through this project


  • The USB communication protocol between Goldleaf and Quark went through some relevant and breaking changes


  • Updated for latest libusbhsfs/Plutonium changes, this last one probably means some UI bugs may have been fixed

  • When browsing a webpage, the selected user is used

  • Some improvements on the text/hex reader, which is now slightly faster

  • New supported languages: Japanese, Portuguese, Brazilian, Simplified Chinese, Korean

  • Global and user title playstats are shown instead of just user ones (when a user is selected)

  • Selected images on the file browser are now shown on the options dialog, as a preview

  • Support added for some recent installable contents (known as "sparse" contents)

  • Other various bug fixes


Quark has been fully rewritten:

  • Removed Material style, since that feature (its libs) were causing the version issues with this project

  • A single build is produced, which works for both Java 8/9+

  • The window is now stretchable

  • Removed Discord presence support since it wasn't such a relevant feature and due to conflicts with the libs which were used for it

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