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Switch - Breeze-Beta beta60


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The big 60. Hopefully the ASM hacking functionality is now somewhat complete. This may be my last release until I come back in January next year

1. Added "Assemble all ASM" button to assemble all cheat with label that starts with "asm"

This will make sure the asm space has no overlap and no gap as long as all asm cheat label
starts with "asm".

2. Memory watch address is auto aligned to 64bit

You no longer need to mind that.

3. Auto load cheat from file before asm add cheat

If you have cheats saved but not loaded yet you won't loose it.

4. Added save cheat button in asm explorer

If you don't save, the last add will be overwritten by the next add.

5. Create asm txt file only if the label starts with "asm"

When you want to make in place hack don't include "asm" as the start of the label.

6. Record asm space when first use and added clear asm space button

For use during development to reclaim space.

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