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GUI for NSP Forwarder tool 0.12

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New Version (v0.12 Beta) 4th Oct 2021 - See Changelog For Updates - AIO Version Includes All files from @mpham & @Meliodas2255 Massive Thanks to @shadow256 for Updates


I've added an option to skip image conversion you WILL need to provide the Icon file as a 256 x 256 Pixel JPG and if you use it the Logo file it must be a 160 x 40 Pixel PNG
NOTE!! You MUST tick the Disable Image Conversion option BEFORE choosing your image files

GUI for the NSP Forwarder Tool for 12+ that @mpham posted. I'm not the best at programming so this is done with AutoIT I've attached a Compiled exe version and the Script to compile it yourself

Important you WILL need the prod.keys file generated by Lockpick_RCM

15th Sept 2021
 - Big thank you to @shadow256 for continuing to update this in my absence, I've got some ongoing health issues which have meant I'm not able to get on the PC as much as I'd like, I've just put together an updated v0.10b AIO version from the script (AU3) posted by @shadow256 I've only had time to do a quick test but it seems to be working well.


  • Build NSP Forwarders for NRO and RetroArch Rom's
  • Accepts PNG, JPG/JPEG, BMP, GIF and TIF Images for the Icon and Logo
  • Automatically Resizes and Converts Icon and Logo to the correct dimensions (The Icon should be at least roughly square and the Logo should be wider than tall to look acceptable) but any will work
  • Allows prod.keys to be located anywhere
  • Generates a Random TitleID or can be entered manually

Change Log


  • First Release


  • Fixed Random Key generation
  • Added error checks for Name, Author and Icon Path have been entered


  • Switched from creating a batch file and running it to running the commands directly
  • Fixed missing prod.key custom path options


  • Cleaning up after creating the forwarder,
  • Restores NintendoLogo.png to default,
  • Create new blank versions of nextArgv and nextNroPath
  • Delete nacbrewpack_backup Directory
  • Delete icon_AmericanEnglish.dat
  • Delete TempIcon and TempLogo


  • Added Image conversion to the correct format and resolution
  • Tidy up menu allignment


  • Added error checks on Path Lengths above 256 Characters long to Icon, Logo and Prod.key browse dialogs
  • Added error check that Icon and Logo images are converted correctly
  • Added option to open Icon and Logo in MSPaint as a sanity check also adds the suggestion to save out as a png, MSPaint Seems to be less fussy over filee types than the fuctions built into AutoIt
  • Added changelog & known issues to Script


  • Copy TempIcon, TempLogo, icon_AmericanEnglish.dat, NintendoLogo and creates a txt file with the command string passed to hactool in out.txt


  • Diabled Diagnose Routine in standard, see notes in script to enable
  • Error in TitleID generation (hopefully fixed) TitleID will now start 02-09 then random and end 2000, this should fix NSP generation Thank you  @duckbill007 for pointing out my error

0.8 Beta

  • Reorganize GUI to be More usable with screen readers, tested with NVDA Changes provided by @shadow256 (Thank You)
  • Removed Old Unused code

0.9 Beta Updates by @shadow256

  • Change some path treatements, should fix some bugs like the bug of custom prod.keys path not always working
  • Path for files pointed by the forwarder doesn't require anymore the "/" at the beginning of them
  • Rewrite text of some labels
  • Other minor changes

0.10 Beta Updates by @shadow256

  • Prod.keys should work properly.
  • Special characters should be displayed correctly
  • Fix some other bugs

0.11 Beta Updates by @shadow256

  • Default logo file and his backup will not be deleted anymore at the end of the process, should prevent for some big problems

0.12 Beta

  • Tidied up Menu Title
  • Added option to disable icon conversion, Tick the checkbox BEFORE selecting your images (I need to rework the menu to make this option easier)
  • Cleanup of files also added to the close (X) button

Known Issues

  • Some forwarders are created with ? logo when installed on the switch, 0.12 Beta adds an option to disable the image conversion completely as a workaround as no rootcause has been identified

There's probably 100's of ways to break it so backup any files first

Added a couple of Logo.png files I created

LibRetroLogo.png and HBMenu.png, use them with the Logo Path option, they show up top left when you start the forwarder

HBMenu.png LibRetroLogo.png

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