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PC tools for the Original Xbox:


>> 4890tool
A simple Windows utility to customize the Xecuter2 4890 bios.
This will allow you to do the following:
- The 4981 fix, msxboxdash.xbe-]xboxdash.xbe.
- Change boot partition between C/E/F/G.
- Disable the trademark, splash, and animation.
- Customize the boot colors to your liking.
>>Download<< || By burnerO || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> BIOS Slicer
Easy to use program to slice your 1MB bios in 4 equal (256k) parts.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> EVtool
Extracts, Compiles, and Patches Evox M8+ (1.6 and 1.0-1.5 versions) and metoo BFMs XBOX BIOS/Kernel Files.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0.9<<

>> Flubber Text Tool
Flubber Text Tool (FTT) is a joint venture between the developers of FlubberTool & XBox Text Changer, It has the features of both applications built into one, there is no more need to hex edit you bios.
* Changing of the flubber animation colours.
* Abititly to alter the 'xbox' text using DirectX .X files.
Flubber Text Tool is now renamed to KernelBasher ... please look for this program if you're looking for the latest version.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: 2004-07-25<<

>> FlubberTool
Bios Animation Color changer. Is now included in Flubber Text Tool.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: 2004-07-24<<

This may be a useful tool for you if your .x file has been lost/damaged/etc. Its the reverse of XBTC!
Paste in the relevent HEX from your Hex Editor and it gives you your .x file again.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0.0.0<<

>> IND-Bios Configurator
This application is used to create, and modify configuration files for use with IND-Bios allowing to enable and disable several bios features and change the boot-up logos and animations. You can create new configurations as well as edit existing ones. Importing of XBTool presets is available.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.4.29<<

>> KernelBasher
KernelBasher is the name/version of Flubber Text Tool (FTT) - a joint venture between the developers of FlubberTool & XBox Text Changer. It has the features of both applications built into one, there is no more need to hex edit you bios.
* Changing of the flubber animation colours.
* Abititly to alter the 'xbox' text using DirectX .X files.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.2<<

>> Logo-X
The little 'microsoft' logo when you cold boot (cd or first time hd). Under the XBOX logo after the animation a microsoft' logo appears. You can put whatever you want there now!
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.42<<

>> Logo-X GUI
The little 'microsoft' logo when you cold boot (cd or first time hd). Under the XBOX logo after the animation a microsoft' logo appears. You can put whatever you want there now!
GUI version
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.28<<

>> Multiple 256/512bios to 1mb
Make a 1MB version of a 256k or 512k bios.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Scene Tool
Tool for editing the positions of the machinery parts with the startup animation.
Although still very much in BETA Scene Tool allows you to move the existing models within the XBOX startup animation (only X2 4981 supported at min but will sort others very soon)
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: Beta 0.01<<

>> SpiderGX Customizer
This new software comes along with a new version of our SpiderOS that has Multilanguage support.
The SpiderGX Customizer allows you to modify text in the SpiderOS menus. It will create a file that is recognized by the SpiderGX chip and it will be loaded thanks to the SpiderGX WebOS.
The file “french.gx” is already available and allows you to change your SpiderGX OS menus in French. Other languages will be supported shortly. If you create your own files, you can send them to Team SpiderGX so we will add them on our website http://www.spidergx.com.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0b<<

>> TATX AnyDash BIOS Plugin
This plug in Will allow you to boot any dashboard on any Drive (C, E, F etc.) with the TATX Debug Dual BIOS!
1. Boot Any Dashboard with TATX Debug Dual 
2. Specify any Disk/partition and .xbe to load in a file 
3. Works 100% with Debug Tools and Remote debugging !! 
4. Will Ignore the file when booting from DVDROM 
5. Works with Any Debug BIOS
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> TX Modchip enable/disble with power/eject
Addon PIC to enable your X-ecuter2 when booting with the power button and disable the modchip when booting with the eject button.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> X2 Config Maker
X2 Config Maker is a x2config.ini generator for the 2nd generation of X2 Bios builds with Config Live. It allows you to easily configure all the X2 features.
There's also a Mac version that you can download here.
There's also an online version (using flash) here.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v5035-0.5.4[PC] / v2.4.1[MAC] / v2.4.1[Online]<<

>> X2 FTP Cfg
Tool for changing the IP address and partition mapping in the X2 4978 kernel.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0.2<<

>> X2ool
X2 BIOS config maker. Tool to easily edit the 2nd generation of X2 (Xecuter2) Bioses with Config Live (build 5028+).
It allows you to easily create a x2config.ini to configure all the X2 Bios features.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0.4<<

>> X3 Patcher Beta
Support 2914 ONLY! supports both 1.0-1.5 & 1.6 versions of this bios. Embedded X3 Eeprom allows for full X3 customisation abeit with a quick reflash.
Boot order by default it's on C:\\
avalaunch.xbe, evoxdash.xbe, unleashx.xbe, xbmc.xbe, xboxdash.xbe
Bios Features:
1 : Select Boot Partition
2 : IGR
3 : Live Block
4 : Debug Bios
5 : Reset On Eject
6 : LBA48
Animation Option:
7 : Random Animation
8 : Wireframe flubber
9 : Display TM logos
10 : Animation Number
11 : LED Color
12 : VGA Patch
13 : Xbox Eeprom embeded
14 : Eeprom Key
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.1<<

>> XBtool
XBOX BIOS pack, unpack, and patch tool.
Latest version has support for: Xecuter2 4981 - Xecuter2 4979 - Xecuter2 4978.03 - Xecuter2 4977 - Xecuter2 4976.02 - Evox M7 - EvoX D.6 (plus Eject Fix versions)
(And boot from media (BFM) versions of the above firmware using a debug config.)
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0.23a<<

>> XBtool Color BIOS Preset Maker *Mac OSX*
With this little utility you can now finally SEE what your color mods will look like without having to blindly go through the pain of flashing just to see if it looks cool or looks like shit :) The presets generated are for use only with XBtool, and must be placed in the "Presets" dir to be applied to the BIOS of your choice.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0b<<

>> XbFlash
This is a utility to unpack/repack Xbox Flash images.
>>Download<< || By oz_pauln || >>Latest version: build 030917<<

>> Xbox Text Changer
The original Delphi version of XBTC. It allows to alter the 'xbox' text in the bios boot animation using DirectX .X files. 
This feature is now included in Flubber Text Tool.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2.01<<

>> Xbtool Color BIOS Preset Maker
With this little utility you can now finally SEE what your color mods will look like without having to blindly go through the pain of flashing just to see if it looks cool or looks like shit :) The presets generated are for use only with XBtool, and must be placed in the "Presets" dir to be applied to the BIOS of your choice.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0b<<

>> Xecuter X2 en/disable addon
This addon (PIC 12C508 OR 9) will allow you to boot your xbox with modchip disabled when using the eject button and boot your xbox with modchip enabled if you use the power button. This can be very usefull for X-ecuter2 users that are playing on Xbox Live.
The release includes the hex and full source code.
Instructions are in the readme.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> XeniumOS LED Designer
XeniumOS LED Designer helps with the creation of LED scripts for the Xenium modchip. It was written by NHD.
XeniumOS .led script design tool to ease making one's own led scripts exchange led scripts in .xled format to allow others to improve on your work!
Feature Log:
* 10 Custom-coded Transitions
* Adjustable frame delays
* EjectLED setting per Transition/Color 
* Custom file format for easy exchange of editable led design scripts
* Slow modifier to affect all frames (similar to tempo in a midi file)
* Included Samples to help beginners
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.1<<

>> fanCbox
Well, this program lets you get fancy with your bios... Change the color of the XBOX logo, remove animation, replace the error screen, etc...
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.50<<

It turns off debug mode so complex1.02 will even run certain retail games like halo (they don't work on complex1.02 due minor bug). It releases and renews the ip adress incase a network card has problems and the connection dies.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

Development Tools

>> AFS Explorer
Extracts XPR's and other files from a AFS file. Also has a XPR inject patch feature.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.90<<

CXBE is a tool designed to aid in the development of "Homebrew" XBox software. The purpose of this tool is to convert from Windows "EXE" format into the XBox "XBE" format. CXBE is already functional, and is being used as an integral part of the OpenXDK project.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.2.0<<

>> DEXiP
Its ment for checkin info from the xip archive and extract files.
To round things up .. basicly everything in the dashboard is defined inside here - with a simple skripting language ..
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.1<<

>> Debugging Client/Server package
This is a client/server package that will let you send send debug messages from your XBOX to your computer via TCP/IP
This package can also serve as a beginner's guide to the XBOX networking API and to network programming for Windows.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Fdrive
This file adds \\Device\\Harddisk0\\Partition6
(F: drive) support to the XDK Launcher.
Place fdrive.dxt in E:\dxt on your debug xbox and reboot.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> HT Editor *XBE Support*
This is the very first beta version of XBE support within HT Editor. This is more or less only a preview of what will hopefully soon be part of the official HT Editor package. Right now you can view the header, the imports and a disassembly of the XBE file.
Some features are just quick hacks and therefore could be crashed by malformed XBE files for now. This will be cleaned up soon.
>>Download<< || By Ionic || >>Latest version: v0.7<<

>> MiteeXPR
Extremely powerful tool that allows direct DSS ripping from
a AFS. Very user friendly.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v3<<

>> OpenXDK
OpenXDK is an Open Source, Free, Legal Xbox Development Kit. The project will be free from Microsoft code and will be developed to facilitate hobbyist and "Homebrew" coding for the console.
OpenXDK is a kit for developing applications that will run on the Microsoft XBOX. It has the following features:
* Compilable using a GCC-based toolchain. It now compiles using the Cygwin GCC compiler. Unfortunately, as much as it would have been desirable to support both MS and GNU toolchains, the practicalities are such that the MS compilers are no longer supported. Sorry! (Although, theoretically, you should be able to compile your application using the MS compilers and link in the GCC-compiled OpenXDK libraries.)
* It now contains a complete libc replacement (thanks to newlib.) This means that 99% of the normal stdio, memory, sprintf, et al routines are available.
* Multimedia support is provided using the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) and supports video, audio, joysticks and event handling.
* To demonstrate the capabilities of the current OpenXDK framework, the SDL port of Doom (without sound or networking) is able to be compiled and executed. You will need to find a DOOM1.WAD (shareware) and put it in the root of your XBOX's C drive.
* Networking is currently not supported. If you have experience in interfacing with the NVidia nForce MCP-D chip at the hardware/driver level, please get involved!
* Now with both Windows and Linux support!
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.07<<

>> OpenXL
So, you develop your own XBox homebrew games? Good stuff. We offer complete C++ classes for integrating XLink functionality right into your homebrew code. Create an immediate online userbase for your creation. Bring your users together - allowing them to find games easily and quickly.
No Download || >>Official Website<<

>> Parcheador XBE
This program modify XBOX executable developed with XBOX dev kit and allow run it in a modded XBOX.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

This software convert XBOX Movie files (.sfd) to MPEG-1 (.mpg).
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> XBox Image Converter
XBox Image Converter (formerly known as Image To XBX Converter) is a Windows based application that allows you to convert a standard PC style image file into an XBX or TBN file for use on your XBox console. XBX files are used in the Microsoft dashboard to display icons for saved game data and in the neXgen dashboard to display pictures in the storage selection menu. A TBN file is used as a thumbnail image in XBox Media Player.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v3.0<<

>> XKUtils
XKUtils is a library released by Team Assembly that can be used by Xbox programmers to easily use the functions of Configmagic into their own program.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.3 (unoff. Yoshihiro)<<

>> XPR Extract
Extracts DDS files from a XPR file.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2<<

>> XTrace & XDebugServer
This package contains the components required to format and send debug string messages from an XBox application under development to a target PC.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.99<<

>> XbeTool
This tool can print out info on xbox XBE files as well as helping to disassemble them by dumping them to a binary file, creating an idc file and also converting to an exe file.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> XbeTool
Converts to exe, dumps to binary, creates idc, gives info on xbe
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Xbox Capture Kit
XCK (Xbox Capture Kit) is the newest and best way to capture your xbox . You can use this kit to connect to your Xbox on the fly (while playing games) it'll also allow you to take screenshots with gauranteed less lag than other apps.
You can also capture video with as little as NO LAG depending on quality. The perfect pack for people who have debug setup on their xbox if you're using Xbox Image Grabber(info), give this a try :P
No Download || By OBIE || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> XboxASM
XBOXASM should be a first step in creating xbe files for the XBOX system without using the official Microsoft XDK. It is based on MASM32. Of course, this version of XBOXASM was tested using files of the XDK, but XBOXASM doesn't come with these files.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.1<<

>> Xend0r
So I just thought I slap this little tool together for ...
that it may help you to develop more easy ... just include
it in your build process or makefile with the params and of you go ..
Example: Xend0r.exe "" "/E/dev/myApp/" "myApp.xbe
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.3<<

>> deXBE
This tool unveils almost all secrets of your .xbe-files. Just load in your file and check out the info. You can use the tool to extract all information you want. This is an early version which will be improved soon. Take a look at the readme inside the zip too...
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.5<<

>> libSDLx
libSDL for Xbox. For more information about 'Simple DirectMedia Layer' go to http://www.libsdl.org
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.09 (unoff. v0.11 FDB)<<

>> xbepack
I am proud to present you the first publicly available packer and crypter for XBOX executable files. To my knowledge there exists only one other XBE packer which is used to pack the evolutionX binary. As far as I know the packer itself was never released to the public. While this other wrapper is only a packer xbe-pack includes some little tricks that should protect your homebrew code against curious eyes.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.2<<

>> xbepack - win32 port
I am proud to present you the first publicly available packer and crypter for XBOX executable files. To my knowledge there exists only one other XBE packer which is used to pack the evolutionX binary. As far as I know the packer itself was never released to the public. While this other wrapper is only a packer xbe-pack includes some little tricks that should protect your homebrew code against curious eyes.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.2<<


>> ADCPM Codec
This audio codec (for windows2000 & XP , it might also work on other windows flavors) allows to read the xbox audio format on PC.

>> Alpha Drivers
This software package is called XID. It contains a USB HID Minidriver that
allows Microsoft Xbox compatible controllers to work on a PC.tool.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0..5<<

>> DDS Photoshop Plugin
Plugin that is required to edit dds files in adobe photoshop.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<<

>> HID Driver for Mac OS X
This software, written by Darrell Walisser, enables the XBox USB gamepad on Mac OS X by installing a HID (Human Interface Device) kernel extension in the system extensions folder. It is free and open-source, under the Apple Public Source License. It requires Mac OS X 10.2.6 or later. All you need is a homemade or commercial XBox to USB adapter.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.2<<

>> Hitachi-LG DVD drive firmware and flasher
This firmware flashing software was designed to flash a GDR-8163b with the LG 8050L firmware. Use at your own risk.
This firmware with flashing software is suppled by LenteSubigo.
Wenid - Extracted the firmware
Anonymous Source - Created the executable firmware flashing tool.
For more info please visit: forums.xbox-scene.com
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Philips Firmware
Firmware of the Xbox Philips DVD drive
No Download

>> Pioneer A05 2X and RPC-1 firmware
Gradius, famed for his many DVD firmware hacks has begun to develop the first Pioneer A05 RPC-1 and 2X firmware hacks. This first version enables all RITEK G03 media to burn at 2x with a Pioneer A05.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<<

>> Samsung SDG-605 Firmware
Firmware of the Xbox Samsung DVD drive
No Download

XBox Controller Driver for Windows 98/2000/XP.
* Exports ~32 controls to Windows
* Controller buttons, axes, and the digital pad can be mapped to any of the controls exported to Windows.
* Supports up to 8 different configurations. The active configuration can be selected by pressing both Analog Sticks simultaneously.
* Threshold settings for Buttons, Triggers, and Axes.
* Deadzone settings for Analog Sticks.
* Scaling of axes for sensitivity.
* Gamepad settings can be saved to a file for later use.
* Rumble support. Adjustable maximum force for each actuator.
* All buttons are supported as digital buttons.
* Supports different configuration for the Left Analog Stick, Digital Pad, and Right Analog Stick. Configurations can be switched by pressing both Analog Sticks.
* Triggers can be used as buttons, Slider X+, Slider X-, Slider Y+, or Slider Y-.
* Supports separate custom Threshold for Buttons and Triggers.
* Custom settings for dead zones of Analog Sticks.
* Configuration of buttons and axes supported through XBCD Setup application.
* Start+Back can be used as a shortcut to switch Slider Y control.
* Slider axes can be used as Throttle, Rudder, Z, X Rotation, Y Rotation, or Z Rotation.
* Digital Pad can be used as 4 extra buttons(13-16).
* Floating-point calculations can be enabled for more accurate Analog Stick precision.
* Gamepad settings can be saved to a file for later use.
* Rumble support. Adjustable maximum force for each actuator.
* Added support for the spring and friction effects in the Rumble DLL.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.07<<

>> XCtrl
Fully featured XBox HID driver currently available for the PC.
No Download || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: discontinued<<

>> XID: Controller HID Minidriver for PC
This project is a WDM device driver to allow the XBox Controller, using an adapter, to be used on a PC running Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.7.0.0<<

>> Xbox DVD-Drive Unlocker
TheSpecialist released a tool that unlocks an (original) Xbox DVD-ROM drive, attached to a PC, so you can access a DVDXBOX disc from PC (using tools like Clone CD) without having to FTP to your modded Xbox. Easiest is probably to connect the IDE-cable of your Xbox DVD-drive to your PC and keep the cable for power/eject connected to the Xbox. Note that Windows must be able to detect your Xbox drive. Some Xbox drives (like the Philips) seem to be not detectable by Windows.

The source is ready for release. I've documented it pretty well, so it can function as a kind of 'summary' of the work done in this thread. Also, I've rewritten the decryptor section. In the previously released executable, the decryption was done in a C++ routine while the rest of the code was done in Delphi 7 (it should compile with any delphi version). It uses standard RC4/SHA1 decryption, but I couldn't find the correct RC4 routine for delphi at the time, so I used a C++ source and injected the compiled code into my delphi exe, hehe Smiley Now the code is done completely in delphi, but I've also included the decryptor code in C++ in the zip file (it uses the encrypted control data block as input file). The C++ code includes the standard SHA.C and RC4.C you can find anywhere on the net.
>>Download<< || By TheSpecialist || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Xbox DVD-Drive Unlocker Linux
Linux port of TheSpecialist's tool that unlocks an (original) Xbox DVD-ROM drive, attached to a PC, so you can access a DVDXBOX disc from PC (using tools like Clone CD) without having to FTP to your modded Xbox. Easiest is probably to connect the IDE-cable of your Xbox DVD-drive to your PC and keep the cable for power/eject connected to the Xbox. Note that Linux must be able to detect your Xbox drive (might not be the case with all models).
>>Download<< || By smo || >>Latest version: v0.2<<


>> AVAxml
XML file generator for Avalaunch.
Use this app to generate an xml file for your needs. No more trouble with the joy pad keyboard to enter your nick for irc :-)
>>Download<< || By A_Snowman || >>Latest version: v0.47.2<<

>> AvaConfig
AvaConfig is a interface to edit the Avalaunch's settings xml file.
Features Include:
* Avalaunch Auto-detect
* Load and Save your settings directly to and from your xbox
* GUI to manage your Launcher menu
* Shoutcast preset manager
* Access to Avalaunch's many options
>>Download<< || By Kells || >>Latest version: v1.1<<

This program will take a directory of BMP files and create a skin.xip file for use with the tHc dashboard.
No Download || >>Official Website<<

>> Evo-X Menu Editor
Evo-X Menu Editor is a Windows program to aid you in editing the 'menu.ini' file used by the awesome Evolution-X program, as a alternative to editing it manually in a text editor.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.0.2<<

>> EvoX Skin Creator
This program makes skinning easy, with accurate previews. Opens, saves, and creates skins with an easy to use grapical interface.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.2<<

>> EvoX Skinner
Makes the creation, testing and installation of EvolutionX skins much easier.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.2.7<<

>> EvoX configurator
EvoX configurator beta2 is a program to help you make an evox.ini file.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> EvoXHack
This program replaces the background image in the Evo-X RemoteX with an image you supply.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> EvoXPreviewer
Evo Previewer is a little program (in flash) that will help you to make your EvoX skin designing 'work'.
There is only 1 thing that will be better than other skinner progs: realtime preview....
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.5<<

>> Evolve
Evolve v1.0 (formerly EvoXSkinDes) is a GUI based skinner for Win32 that lets you easily create EvolutionX skins by using a drag-and-drop interface. By using project files, you can save a skin, and work on it later.
>>Download<< || By SYNeR || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

>> Evox Config Helper
Hyper Gaming Interactive (HyperG) released a nice tool that will help you to create an evox.ini file for evox.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.1<<

>> Evox Skin Designer
Here is your help for designing your own skin for EvoX.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> HCE Customizer
A skin maker for HCE (Halo Cache Editor by XBOX_War3z) which supports all features supported in the skin, including gradient BG, picture BG, and transparencies. Has preview screen (75% size of real) which has ability to view skinning text or actual test, and a package creation feature.
>>Download<< || By CLuis & raz0r || >>Latest version: v1.6.2 beta<<

>> MXMskinner
It's a WYSIWYG (almost) program, done in VB to make skins for MediaXMenu.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v5.0<<

>> Materials Configurer Professional
This will help you exporting XBX and INI presets for the UIX and 2Gam Dashboards. The propiretary XML format makes the presets compatible between these two dashboards ;)
Unlocked features:
- Material locator,
- Presets Manager:
*List presets on HD,
*Delete presets on HD,
*Download presets from the WWW,
*Upload presets to friendly websites.
- DaGoN screenshots for material locator.
>>Download<< || By DTL Crew || >>Latest version: v1.3.1<<

>> Media X Project Creator
Create XML for Media X Menu with ease.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Mxm Xml Editor
Editor to make XML files for the MXM dashboard.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Myx-lite
Extremely stripped-down version of Myxomatosis for a very basic XML auto-directory menu authoring solution for Media X Menu .9m or later
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Myxomatosis
Complete XML menu authoring solution for Media X Menu .9m or later.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> OSXBMconfig
A tool for Mac OS X that helps you with the editing and creation of XboxMediaCenter.xml files.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: Beta 0.1.5<<

>> ReleashED
ReleashED is a skinning utility for all you (advanced) Unleash-x skinners out there!
Create your own skin by customizing nearly all tags and settings:
- Change images and image positions
- Change menu and menu position
- Add text and text position(s)
- Easy apply your own colorscheme
- Import your skin for future editing (only ReleashED skins supported !) and much more !
>>Download<< || By freakdave || >>Latest version: v0.04a<<

>> SXT
SXT (Sango XBMC Toolbox) will help you to manage and configure your XBMC very easily.
What can i do with SXT:
* Import xboxmediacenter.xml (configuration file)
* Manage xboxmediacenter.xml
* Change configuration
* Add share
* Customize share
* Add XBMS services
* Manage video database
* Add new thumbs
* Change videos information with AMC 
* Support SQLite 22.8 and 3
* Conversion tool for XBMC database
Translation. For the moment we have: English, German, Italien, French, Spanish, Dasnih, Polish
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.3<<

>> Skin Your EvoX
Tool to make our loving EvolutionX Dashboard look better ;)
- Ability to save and load projects
- EvoX 'skin.ini' export feature
- Loading process simulation (maybe it doesn't work on Win9x)
- Drag'n'drop text labels
- Multilanguage support (English and Italian languages included)
- Very user-friendly interface (I think... ;))
- IT WORKS!!!! (maybe...)
>>Download<< || By M4uR1g10 || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> StepmaniaX Skin patch
This release is to patch the current stepmaniax release to use a new theme/skin
From the readme:
- A working and modded (soft and chip alike) Xbox
- StepmaniaX(info) v5 original
This package contains :
- The KatzeExtreme Stepmania Theme, with shorter filenames (not containing redirs for the PC version)
- An edited GamePrefs.ini putting the KatzeExtreme theme as the default theme
- A patch file (patch.com) that patches the regular default.xbe of StepmaniaX v5 to comply with the shorter filenames.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v5.01b<<

>> UnleashX Sketchy Skinner
UnleashX Skinner.
Most Of the base features of the unleashX skin are implemented.
>>Download<< || By Daner || >>Latest version: v1.1 beta<<

>> UnleashX Video-Skin Creator
This is a Video-Skin Maker for Unleash-X, 
These skins are to enhance the look of the XBOX. 
The video's can be aslong as you want (HDD Space Restricting).
The Intro video displays after boot before the dash is loaded.
The Background video should loop otherwise it will jerk and not look good.
The Loading video display when loading any software (Apps or Games).
The FileManager Image is to go in the background when using that App.
( The FileManager Image is not needed, If you don't select one it will be a trasparent background )
>>Download<< || By Rick-D || >>Latest version: v2<<

>> Unleashx Toolbox
UnleashX Toolbox is a SkinDesigner, FTP client and config creator for the Unleash Dashboard.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: beta2<<

>> User Interface X XM-Tool
Allows conversion from directx .x mesh format into proper dash .xm format as well as a viewer for both .x and .xm files. batch conversion between mesh.x and mesh.xm directories currently only supported for .x->.xm conversions. simply put all the .x meshes you wish to convert to .xm in the mesh.x dir - run the app and select 'file/batch.convert'
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v01.00.05<<

>> XBMC KeyMap Editor
Graphical editor to configure Keymap.xml for XboxMediaCenter. Allows you to easily setup what each button is used for in XboxMediaCenter.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.2<<

>> XBMC Skin Editor
Here is the beta of my skinning app for XBMC. If you have the media files from the cvs you can see realtime previews of the skin and use a click and drag interface to adjust objects and change properties. This app is fully functional and allows you to view the xml text and see the images and controls as you edit them.
As this is a beta I would advise you use a backup of your skin directory to edit with until you get the hang of it.
>>Download<< || By JimK || >>Latest version: Beta v2.0<<

>> XBMC Translator
This tool makes it easier to translate XboxMediaCenter to another languages (XML language files).
It's developed with Delphi 7, so it runs under Windows.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: 0.9b<<

>> XBMP Configer
Xbox MediaPlayer tool to easily configure the xml-setting files.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v2<<

>> XBMPed
If you ever edit your XBMP config.xml file, there will be no better program to use than this. Especially if editing the xml is a brain freeze for you.
All options configurable.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: 3-16-2003a<<

>> XBXCreator
XBXCreator is a new GUI application created for skinning the xbox dashboard. It simply converts an image file into a xbx file compatible with the dashboard. Unlike any other similar tool, this one supports transparency in tga, png, and similar file types listed below. Also supports batch conversion.
NOTE: all files must first have valid dimensions! A valid dimension for an xbx file is any exponet of 2. (1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,etc...)
Supported file types (note: not all fully tested!):
tga*, crw, png*, vda*, cr2, ppm, icb*, jng, pbm, vst*, jpg, pgm, bmp, jpeg, pnm, rle, mng, pfm, dib, mrw, pam
* alpha channels supported
>>Download<< || By tayior7 || >>Latest version: v1.0 beta<<

>> XConfigurator
It allows you to open Avalaunch Xml configuration file and reads all config parameters from it. 
You also have the possibility to create a blank new one.
All the changes can be saved back to the file.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

>> XCover
XCover is a (win32) program that will allow you to make custom xbox dvd or cd cases in a matter of seconds.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.8.1<<

>> Xbox Colour Chooser
Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for... the release of Xbox Colouriser V3! And not only does the 3 signify that this is the third revision, this version is also in... 3D! In case you don't know, the Xbox Colouriser is a Windows application which allows you to trial different colour schemes on a virtual Xbox. The Xbox Colouriser features a custom 3D engine consisting of over 400 lines of code.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v3<<

>> Xbox MediaPlayer Config Helper
Helps you to configure Xbox Mediaplayer.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.1<<

>> Xbox MediaPlayer2 Xml Config Creator
This program is to aid the user in creating xml files for use with XBMP 2.x for the xbox.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.1<<

>> Xskin
This program alows you to easily create Xbox skins for use with the EvoX Dashboard v1.8.2594 and later.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0.5<<

>> Xstream Config Helper
Helps you to configure an Xstream server. (Xbox Mediaplayer server)
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.1<<

>> neXML
The main function of this application is to create nexgen.xml documents for use with the nexgen dashboard, without the use of notepad or other means.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.1.0<<

>> tHc Lite Configurator
tHc Lite Configurator writes the configuration file for tHc Lite.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> tHc Toolbox
A toolbox to configure almost anything to do with the MS Dashboard and it will also have a preview of any color changes that you want to make.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: Pre Alpha<<

>> xForm
A win32 tool that will allow you to easily make and edit skins for XboxMediaCenter.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: beta v0.2<<

EEprom Tools

>> LiveInfo
You can view the contents of your EEPROM file under WINDOWS 2000/XP (NOT win9x) if you have a backup image of your eeprom.
If you have a Locked or Unlocked hdd attached you can also view that hdd's password !!
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: Beta2<<

>> eepmod
This program allows you to easily edit eeprom dumps so they can be reflashed to your eeprom (using a program such as eepromer on the xbox).
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.3<<

Exploit Tools

>> Dasboard Font Patcher
I still see numerous posts by people having trouble hexing a copy of their M$ Dash to look for the original fonts after installing a font hack.
To hopefully make this a bit more simple I made a small command line tool to be run from a DOS prompt that patches the name of the "fonts" folder or the .xtf extension in a dashboard file.
This can be used on your original M$ Dash or any of the replacement dashboard based on the M$ Dash (tHC, blackstromx, ...).
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2<<

>> EZ-xbedump
EZ-xbedump can be used as a comand-line app, a drag and drop target or with an optional "shell extension". Shell extension are what allows the windows user to right-click a file and be presented with a menu. Options include "Sign", "Audio", "Font" and "Habibi". "Sign" will identify the XBE and present the user with a list of choices. The other options will sign the XBE with the choosen key and exit. It will also work simply by dbl-clicking.
>>Download<< || By catfish || >>Latest version: v2<<

>> Easy Phoenix Install
This Project is designed to help ease the installation of the XBox exploit methods.
Current Release features include:
* Backup/Restore (Of Original XBox Drive Configuration that the Installatioin will Modify)
* Automated Installation of the choosen exploit
* Determin the best Configuration for your XBox
* Building the Configuration files necessary for installation and all needed applications to be installed
* Automate the Installation procedures including creating the necessary folders and copying all files for the choosen exploit
* Copy the 007/MA Save Game Exploit over to the XBoxs E Drive (If Choosen)
No Download || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Easy Phoenix Loader
This Project is designed to help ease the installation of the XBox exploit method(s).
Current Release features include:
* Step by Step guide to installing any included exploit(s)
* Auto Install Audio Exploit From Dash Menu Option
* Included Action Replay Software [Version 2.05]
* 007/MA Save Game Exploit (For Booting the XBox into an alternate dash for Exploit Install and FTP transfers)
* No C Drive Modification for Audio Exploit Installation
* Corrected Audio DB [Does not corrupt if incorrect keystrokes are used when booting the new dashboard]
No Download || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> OZXMemoryStick Explorer
OZXMemoryStick Explorer Limited Edition is a tool for loading and saving FATX Images onto USB memory Sticks and USB memory devices for use in the X-Box Console for transferring and saving Save Games, Music and Exploits.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> XTF2XFT-Patcher
XTF2XFT-Patcher helps you to patch MS Dashboard after using font exploit (ernie & bert). It replaces all instances of "xtf" with "xft", so nobody will have more problems with hexeditors.
>>Download<< || By sPAzi0 || >>Latest version: v1<<

Game Editors

>> BanshInjectGUI
BanshInject is a tool used to extract/insert textures into halo
>>Download<< || By KornKob, GUI by jimmsta || >>Latest version: v1.5<<

>> BatchFile Maker
If you've downloaded this program, and gotten it working, you'll notice that this is somewhat the same as WinHME GUI.
It is NOT, however, that program. At the moment, Saving files is not implemented, as opening files isn't implemented in WinHME Gui.
This program is a preview of 4 hours of work, and was originally designed to show a concept idea that I had, of which worked.
This tool will be either included as a separate tool in the GUI, or it'll be released as a separate program.
>>Download<< || By jimmsta

>> Cartographer
Cartographer is a Halo map editor. It was written entire in C# and has the following features:
* Very intuitive user interface. Point, Click, Change, Save.
* Element images, titles and descriptions so it's easy to see what you're editing.
* New map elements (offsets and values) can be added as they are discovered without having to recompile the program.
* Every aspect of the editor is globalized, so it will be easily ported to other spoken languages.
* Will be OpenSourced in the next few days if anyone else is interested.
* Future plans include automated FTP edit directly on your box.
* Effect Framework
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0 beta6<<

>> Ch2r
Project Ch2r. A common Halo 2 reverse-engineering project. Open Source Halo 2 Editor for doing all the things you need for modding your maps. Extracting meta, viewing meta, swapping items, ...
Current Features:
- Open Halo 2 Map files.
- List all items with their tags.
- Description for all tags.
- Show secondary magic.
- Give information about item:
-- Filename
-- Offset
-- MetaOffset
-- Ident
-- Value
-- Size
- Extract meta of item
- Find items by Value, Ident or Offset
- Plugin support
- Bitmap preview
- Hex Viewer has build-in searcher for reflexives, idents,...
- Reverse look up an item in other items
- Item swap changed: Swap (swap both items) or Change (only change selected) 
- Treeview to fast browse between folders.
- Support for bitmaps with odd sizes.
- Support for multiple bitmaps.
- Support for .dll and .xml plugins
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.9.3 W.I.P.<<

>> H2Edit
H2Edit is a program similar to MonoxideC's HMT and Cluis's HHT but built for Halo 2 map files. I wrote this program to give modders a chance to easily mod map files.
Current Features:
1. Meta Extraction (Regular, Recursive and, Batch).
2. Meta Injection.
3. Tag Editor (Supports HMT, HHT, and CH2R plugins).
4. Dependency/LoneID swapping.
5. Insert blank space into meta.
6. Fixes the Encryption Signature (automaticly does this when the map is closed and changes have been made).
7. Extracts, view, and injects most bitmaps.
8. Extracts most sounds.
9. Hex Utilities (+magic, -magic, swap endian and, convert between hex and dec).
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0 Beta 2<<

>> HME Resurrected
HME Resurrected is a cmdline Halo Map Editor with support for Halo CE maps and more.
What this release is useful for: Collecting data about map files. That, and finding the magic number for CE maps... (
++ Supports CE maps
+ Correctly identifies most maps by "Halo Platform" identification
+ Spits out useful debug info about maps
+ Spits out the same info that HHTv5 spits out.
-Does not decompress xbox maps correctly. This should be fixed soon... I think I broke it, anyway.
-Does not extract map resources (like previous year-old releases)
>>Download<< || By jimmsta || >>Latest version: v0.01<<

>> Halo Hacker Tools
HHT is a multipurpose Halo map editing tool primarily for xbox.
* Tag Adding
* Model Adding
* Bitmap Adding
* Sound Adding
* Recursive Injection
* Compression and Decompression
* Batch Extract
* HaloCE content will be converted on the fly
* Lots more :)
Recursive injection adds tags and everything, so nothing gets replaced. Bitmaps, Sounds and Models are injected in their proper place
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v5<<

>> Halo Map Editor
Map editor for Halo
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.2<<

>> Halo Map Patcher
This program allows the user to make patches for Halo's maps.
No need for third party apps the apply patches with, this makes the patch in EXE format.
The user doesn't even need the cache to make a patch.
This allows users who dont have access to cache make patches for everyone.
>>Download<< || By CLuis

>> Halo Map Tools
Halo Map Tools, currently at version 3.0, is a hacking tool for Bungie'smasterpiece first person shooter - Halo:Combat Evolved. HMT currently supports all versions of the game. These include: 
- Xbox, PC Retail, PC Beta, and PC Demo

HMT has grown from a simple sound injector to a very complex app thatperforms a wide variety of tasks. In Version 3, I have teamed up with tjc, a very talented programmer and hacker, to provide more cutting edge features.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v3.5<<

>> Halo NMP + CXE
Halo NMP and CXE (now in a joint release) are new maps you can play on the Xbox version of Halo (FPS videogame). Halo NMP is devoted to making new maps for halo xbox, and CXE is devoted to modding the best of the retail halo maps.
Both of these mapPacks can be installed automatically onto your xbox using HMPi (Halo MapPack Installer) by giving 4 simple inputs: IP of the xbox, Username, Password, and Halo Backup DIR. If you have not wanted to mod Halo before, now is the time to start. With reports of install times for both MapPacks at the same time in under 8 minutes, the ammount of effort required to mod Halo is no longer an issue. This marks a milestone in the Halo modding scene, as never before have we seen automated installers that do it all for you.
Lets not over look the extremely well done mods that come in these monumentous packs. NMP has Fissure Falls, a HaloCE map, converted, compressed and working on the xbox. CXE has all of the latest and greatest map mods to hit the scene in one great collection. So if you think Halo has gotten borring and would like to see how to make it more exciting with 26 new Multi-Player maps, get this pack!
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: NMP v2 - CXE v1<<

>> Halo Patch Maker
+Added PPF PMaker
+Saves a description file of what was changed
----This file can be opened with HPM, which allows you to continue editing or making a PPF
+The items are taken frol BOLL Full Class Lists
+Only for XBOX waiting for xorange to create some Halo PC file for me
>>Download<< || By CLuis || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Halo XBE & Map Text Editor
Halo XBE Hacker written by CLuis including the Map Text editor for those who like to fool around with the text strings inside the Halo cached maps. This portion of the program was researched and written by jimmsta.
No Download || By jimmsta and CLuis

>> Halo XBE Hacker
This app allows users to do full map mods quicker.
This app has 10 menus that u can use to add custom items.
>>Download<< || By CLuis || >>Latest version: v2<<

>> Halo XBox Weapon Editor
Halo xbox weapon editor is a program to simplify the editing much of the data stored in the weapon structure.
>>Download<< || By tjc's

>> Halo trainer with editor utility
This is a modification of the Crazy Nation Halo trainer. A trainer allows you to adjust variables in the Halo game. The strings and code are now plainly so you can edit them. We call this the Halohacker Trainer to distinguish it from the CZN trainer.

We are also providing a useful utility for editing/customizing the halo trainer. It displays all of the editable globals(cheats) in halo, and the globals(cheats) in the trained xbe. You can add and remove globals(cheats) on your menu, thus trying out different cheats.

>> Insolence
Insolence is a Halo2 modding and patching app.
* Drag & drop tags from Map to Map for a recursive move.
* Imports all raw data from Single Player Shared to local map (prevents linking issues)
* Right click tags to dupelicate, then rename them.
* Automatic Update system for IFP and Native plugins.
* Versitile Plugin System including IFP, XML, and Native plugins.
* Dual Modes for IFPs -- "Edit Mode" & "Dev Mode"
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Map Modifier
This app allows users to do full map mods quicker.
This app has 10 menus that u can use to add custom items.
>>Download<< || By CLuis || >>Latest version: v3<<

>> NFSU Music Extractor for xbox
This program automatically lines up the offsets of the XBOX NFSU music archive with the offsets of the PC NFSU music archive. This allows Guru's NFSU Music Extractor to extract the audio tracks from the XBOX version. I did not create or help with the creation of Guru's NFSU Music Extractor. I did change part of Guru's program, so that it would accept a larger file size. I would have changed it so it looked for the different offsets, but i could not find where to change them becaue the program is compressed, and it extracts itself, and it gets reeeeaallly meeeesssyyy.
>>Download<< || By Jin356b || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Serenity
Insolence is a Halo2 modding and patching app.
* Generate small patches for rebuilt maps
* Generate small patches maps with new tags added or duplicated.
* Automatically add an entry, including a preview bitmap, to mainmenu.map for the new map (optional)
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> SparkEdit
Sparkedit is a mapviewer for xbox halo. It was created to give modders insight into how the maps were constructed by the original developers. At the moment you can't edit anything, just look.
It's possible to preview cachefile mods that change textures.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v3.01<<

>> WinHME
Just wanted to drop a line, and say that I have made a windows GUI and windows version of the halo .map tools made by the guys at http://huge.dyndns.org/halo. I’ve made a complete package for people who wish to work on the .map project, but run windows.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1 Final<<

>> osXsign
osXsign is a app that allows mac users to sign halo 2 maps. All you have to do is simply drag the map or maps that you would like to sign on to the app and let applescript do its thing. It currently does not support folders just file(s).
>>Download<< || By Metallirat, Brent || >>Latest version: v1<<

Hard Drive Tools

ATA password , for locking drives tutorial.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> FAT-X-Plorer
Drivers for Xbox HD for win2k/XP. You need to unlock your harddisk (or hotswap) before you use this programm.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> FATX Explorer
FATX Explorer by opcode based on the unix based command line FATX dumper by Andy & Luke. Allows you access to Xbox files from Win32.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> File Dumper
This program allows files on an xbox hard disk to be dumped out.
Two basic commands are supported:
xboxdumper list [partition number] [xbox image filename]
This will dump the directory tree of the specified partition.
xboxdumper dump [xbox filename] [output filename] [partition number] [image filename]
This will dump the file [xbox filename] into the file [output filename]
from the specified partition number. The full directory path to the file
using / or \ should be supplied.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.12<<

>> HD fatXbox Explorer
This software allow to :
- add files onto the Xbox HD partitions
- add directories.
- erase files.
- bring back files.
- read Xbox HDD images make by Hddriver or Winhex.
>>Download<< || By Yoshihiro || >>Latest version: v1.4<<

>> HDD Drivers
Written by TOOGG, this Win2K/XP utility provides GUI read/write access to your Xbox HDD
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> HDD Dumper for DOS
A simple DOS utility which directly comunicates with the HD via the I/O ports. No need for BIOS (The BIOS HD settings can be completly disabled!. With this method you don't need rebooting your PC or BIOS recognizing the XBOX HD. Simply plug in your XBOX HD and it works!
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> HDD Unlock/Lock/Disable
Unlock/Lock/Disable your orignal Xbox harddrive with these tools. Check the readme for for info.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> HDprepar
Ziki wrote this little windows program to prepare a hard drive for xbox. It writes zeros and partition info on the hd. So, you don't need to use Winhex anymore. (to make new HD ready for Evox HDswap (only for first release of evox))
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.3<<

>> Hard Disk Password Viewer
Does: Gives the password for your X-Box hard disk!
Doesn't: Unlock the disk. Allow you to lock another disk. (Hopefully these features will be in the next release of X-Box Linux* for those who have their X-Box hard disk passwords.)
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

>> Hard-Drive Password (for Mac)
A safe Macintosh hard drive utility to UNLOCK a security-locked ATA-IDE hard drive when the hard drive MASTER password is known. The default 32 byte master password in the hex dialog box is conveniently set to the same password used by the XBOX utility ConfigMagic(info), though arbitrary master passwords are allowed.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

>> xplorer
Xplorer is an xbox disk management tool similar to windows explorer.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.<<

Managers & Gamesave Tools

>> AvaControl
AvaControl is a program that basically does everything from the computer. I am still working on the FTP bit, and renaming XBE files etc.. That will hopefully be soon. You can restart, turn off, format drives, whatever all from the computer. When you first run AvaControl you will be required to set everything up. Just right click and choose "settings", fill in the form and press Apply, this will save the settings and apply them to AvaControl.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2.0.0.30<<

>> Fast FatX Renamer
Fast FatX Renamer is a small program, created by Hpep, that will allow you to rename your files fastly to comply with the FatX format so you can transfer them to your Xbox.
The program has a very simple and easy interace.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> FatX File Renamer
FatX: File Renamer is a simple utility to rename all the files in a directory to be compliant with the XBox's FatX file naming system so you can upload them through ftp or burn them on to a CD or DVD.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0.0<<

>> Game Size
A refrence application that shows sizes of games
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Game Size Editor
Allows you to edit the dat files from "XBOX Game Size" so you change, add & delete items from the list
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.6<<

>> High Fiber
High Fiber-(FatX) is a FATX file renamer tool with more functionality. Its written in VB6 for Windows.
Basic features:
* Recursive directory scanning
* Auto scan and list FATX Illegal files
* Option to Auto delete Illegal characters & rename Files
* Error scanning for Duplicate File names (In the same Dir)
* Easily rename files with a textbox interface
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Linux Xbox small savegame manager
A litte perl script for listing and downloading one or more XBOX's savegames.
You may have to edit the script to change the XBOX's IP.
This script is under the GPL licence.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.0.1<<

>> MP3 FAT-X Renamer
MP3 FAT-X Renamer by CRP is a new Win32 application (coded in Delphi) which allow you to transfer (and synchronize) your MP3 collection from your computer to the Xbox's build-in hard drive. The program has a integrated FTP-client that connects directly to XBMP's integrated FTP-server and transfers all the files and folders you select, but what makes this program unique is that is auto re-names all MP3 files (and the folders they are in) on-the-fly during transfer making them compatible with the FAT-X naming convention. The original MP3 files & folders remain untouched during this process. See the readme.txt for more information.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.8b<<

>> MXM_BxBx
MXM_BxBx is a hacked version (by BoNd_XbOx) of Mega-X-Key that should support more USB devices then the original MXK.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Mega X-key
Mega X-Key allows you to transfer saved games from your PC to a Mega X-key memorycard or to your own homebrew memorycard.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2.1 beta1<<

>> Mp3ImageTagExtractor
Utility to extract Album art from MP3 files into thumbnail files. Handles single files as well as complete directories of files organized as Artist/Album. Can resize the target image file to any size. Ideal for XboxMediaPlayer and XboxMediaCenter thumbnail generation.
* Extract Album art from MP3 files into individual thumbnail files.
* Can handle individual files as well as complete directories of files organized as Artist/Album.
* Can also automatically resize the target file to any arbitrary pixel size.
* Can create folder.jpg in the Artist/Album directories.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.2<<

>> PreXBoxCopyTool
* A tool used to renamed files and directories using configurable intelligence.
* If used with default settings this will remove any differences between fat and fatx
* Very good for copying roms to xbox
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.3 Beta<<

>> RSS-News
XB-News, as it was originally named, was written to fulfill my own needs for an easy to use, specific Xbox RSS newsfeed reader. After its initial release I recieved plenty of user feedback and requests to support other console specific sites. This led to two more versions being written to support the Gamecube and Playstation communities. Again following more feedback from users I decided to develop one version which would support any RSS newsfeed. So here we have the new, more powerful, more configurable, RSS-News.
Xbox-Scene.com RSS feed is also supported.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.1.0182<<

>> ShoutcastPlsDownloader
This Utility navigates the excellent shoutcast.com web site and downloads to a local directory a copy of the PLS files referenced on the website.
This utility is ideal for building a local list of shoutcast stations suitable for use with the XBOX Media player (XBMP) or XBOX Media Center (XBMC)..
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.1a<<

>> Virtual Xbox CD Ripper
Virtual Xbox CD Ripper (VXCR) is a program that is used to take your songs off of your computer and build an Xbox sountrack. What the program does is it takes your songs and has to convert them to Windows Media Audio (WMA) format in order for the Xbox to think that it was copied via the built in copy function to the Microsoft dashboard. You can select different types of files including: mp3, mp2, mp1, wma, ogg & wav. This program will also transfer the songs to the correct directory on the Xbox via FTP and also modify the ST.DB file to let the Xbox know that the song is there.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.0.6.1<<

>> X-gamer
An online xbox game reference utility.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.1<<

>> XBE Finder
It is an ftp client that connects to your Xbox and searches for XBE files and lists them on the screen, you can download them upload, rename etc...
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: build 1268<<

>> XBFTPHelper
XBFTPHelper is a batch file that gives your computer a temporary private IP address for FTPing to your Xbox, and reassigns a DHCP address after your FTP session has ended. This is useful if your ISP assigns a SNMask, like mine does, which limits your LAN transfer speeds to the capped speed of your cable/dsl modem. I have a feeling that this is not a common problem, but hopefully someone else will find this useful. 
This might seem a bit complicated, but I found that having to click my way to TCP/IP settings in control panel all the time was pretty tedious. With this batch file, all that's required after the one-time setup is a double-click, and everything else is done for you.
>>Download<< || By raygun || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> XBGM#
XBGM# is a free Xbox Game Manager available as Open Source sofware and contributions are encouraged.
It is a game manager for Xbox using Avalaunch dashboard features.
It allow you to send (extract) xdvdfs (xbox iso) directly to the xbox via ftp using a GUI.
It is working on Linux and Win32 platforms and should work on Mac OS X.
XBGM# can be used with various implementations of the CLI, including .NET, Mono, and DotGNU Portable.NET.
It has the following features:
- Distributed under the terms of the GNU Public License Agreement
- Written in C# and a GTK# interface
- Supports the FTP protocols
- Allow Xbox Game listings and icons**
- Allow to shutdown/restart xbox*
- Allow to launch Xbox Media Center*
- Show Xbox hard drive free space**
- Allows for passive and non-passive file transfers
- Supports the xdvdfs format
- Allows decompressing xiso to your XBOX game directory
- Support Avalaunch BOOST MODE**
- Support Thread
- ...
- Full graphical configuration
- And many more to come.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.9.0<<

>> XBThingy
XBThingy is an application to help you keep your XBox games organized.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.7.1<<

>> XBox Game Manager
It's a simple ftp client that will view only 2 directories, your local hd's game root directory, and your xbox hd's game root directory. If you don't have the cash for a 120 gig hd for your xbox, why not just transfer your games back and forth? XGMan is simple, fast, and quite useful.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.7<<

>> XBox-Saves Manager
XBox-Saves Manager is a windows application created to help transfer xbox saves between the XBox and your PC easily using the Mega-X-Key.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v4.5<<

>> XR8D RS3 Map Manager
With new versions of the homebrew maps appearing daily, keeping your map list up to date is becoming increasingly onerous. The XR8D RS3 Map Manager (XR/MM) offers a solution to this by providing a single utility for downloading map files off the net and installing/uninstalling them on your Xbox. To be certain your map collection is authentic, XR/MM connects to a live database of map information and checksums to let you know with complete certainty what you are installing.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> XSaveSig
Calculates and displays the "signature" for XBox game save data based on a specified authentication key.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> XbCapture GUI
A GUI for XbCapture.exe (MS XDK)
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Xbox Soundtrack Manager
This is the new basic version of Virtual Xbox CD Ripper (VXCR). This program will look the same for now. It is programmed with the .NET Framework 1.1 so you will need that to run it. We have tested and tested, and we feel it is good enough for an initial release. Just a reminder this is very basic it is just to tie people over so they have a working program of this sort.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.0.0.2<<

>> XboxIfy
XboxIfy is a tool which scans a directory on your (local) hard disk and changes the names of all files and directories so that the files can be copied to the Xbox without any problems. It's very useful if you wish to copy all your "badly" named MP3s ober to the Xbox.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.2<<

>> baRenameX
A file renaming utility to make files Xbox legal. It has a variety of options to provide flexibility when naming files. Also has a preview window so that you can preview what files will be named based on the various user defined settings.
You can also forcefully rename any file by double clicking on it.
baRenameX will also rename files back to their "Pre-Xbox" names if you choose to do so. It will also store a log in the event you want to name files back later.
There is now FTP support for transferring files directly to the XBox.
A ZIP feature has also been added that will individually ZIP each file in the directory that is not already .zip'ed
>>Download<< || By jinx_removing || >>Latest version: v0.99<<

>> neXgen Remote
Control the functions of your Xbox using this simple application. The neXgen Remote sits at the top of your screen and can be minimized to fit into the titlebar. New features of v1.5 include skins, a log viewer and FTP!
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2<<

>> neXgen-eration Remote
A remote control for nexgen.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2.3<<

>> xSEX
xSEX is a little tool for opening the soundbanks and wavebanks (*.xsb and *.xwb) used in the Xbox applications/games.
The soundbank have a corresponding wavebank, where the actual samples are stored.
xSEX opens a soundbank (*.xsb) and retrieves the sample names from it. These are the names of the samples that is located in the wavebank (*.xwb). xSEX then presents the names of the samples, the size of the samples, the name of the wavebank where the samples are stored and the location (offset) in the wavebank where the sample starts.
So, you need a soundbank and the wavebank that is related to it.
I haven't been able to figure out where the information regarding the wave files are stored, things like mono or stereo, bitdepth or samplerate.
You need to fiddle around with the xSEX settings until you hear that the sound plays okey.
When you have a 'good' sample, hit SAVE and xSEXsaves the wavefile, just like you heard it play.
>>Download<< || By L!M!T || >>Latest version: s1<<

Modchip LTP/USB Flash Tools

>> BioXX Linux
BioXX/NitroXX/OpenXbox flasher running under Linux.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

>> BioXX/OpenXbox/Nitroxx Flasher
Windows program to flash the openxbox modchip/flashtool using the printer port.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.4<<

>> GreenProg
CheapLPC Programming software for SST49lF020 chips.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.7<<

>> Milk
Written by Andy (Numbnut) , this program can be used to program Cheapmods & Xodus/Matrix.
The windows version will also need this dll in the same dir as the executable.
You can download a linux version here.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.12<<

>> OzXFlash
As a worldwide first we have developed the OzXFlash software which allows modchips to be shipped in a completely legal form. By using the Cromwell Linux bios and this freely downloadable OzXFlash software you can flash your modchips with your bios of choice without the need to plug a programmer and modchip into your PC.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.2<<

>> PC SmartXX Remote Flasher
Allows to flash your SmartXX modchip from a PC network connected with your Xbox.
No need to setup any IP adress on SmartXX! Not even on the PC ! - Simply press 'Search Xbox'. It will find all Xboxes with SmartXX on your network.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v5<<

>> Spider Chip USB Programmer Software
Tools to flash the SpiderChip on your PC via an USB-connection.
* Windows 98/ME/2k/XP compatible
* 100% USB connectivity
* Fast Programming
* User friendly : Powerfull and Easy to use
* Compatible with Spiderchip v1.0 and v1.1
* Compatible with these 3rd party mods: Aladdin, Aladdin EX, Aladdin Advance, Super Aladdin Live, Aladdin XT, Aladdin 2, Aladdin xeno, MuppetX, DuoX, DuoX 2, DuoX 2 Lite, X-lite, X-chip, X-bit, X2.6, X3.0
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.1<<

>> WinLPC
GUI Programmer for Xodus/Matrix modchip. (for windows)
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> X-B.I.T v1.0 PC-Flash
Win32 software to flash your X-B.I.T modchip through USB on your PC. Only for use with the X-B.I.T v1.0 modchip - do not use it for X-B.I.T v1.5.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> X-B.I.T v1.5 PC-Flash Win2k
Win32 software to flash your X-B.I.T modchip through USB on your PC. Only for use with the X-B.I.T v1.5 (not v1.0) modchip and Windows 2000.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> X-B.I.T v1.5 PC-Flash Win98
Win32 software to flash your X-B.I.T modchip through USB on your PC. Only for use with the X-B.I.T v1.5 (not v1.0) modchip and Windows 98.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> X-B.I.T v1.5 PC-Flash WinME
Win32 software to flash your X-B.I.T modchip through USB on your PC. Only for use with the X-B.I.T v1.5 (not v1.0) modchip and Windows Millenium Edition.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> X-B.I.T v1.5 PC-Flash WinXP
Win32 software to flash your X-B.I.T modchip through USB on your PC. Only for use with the X-B.I.T v1.5 (not v1.0) modchip and Windows XP.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> X-Control
Software to flash and manage the X-Chip modchip from your PC using a USB connection between the PC and modchip.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.06<<

>> X2 Lite Flasher
Gui program written by Jimk to work with the Xecuter2 lite programer.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v2<<

>> X2 Lite GUI
This is X2 Lite GUI, a GUI for the x2cable.exe program, it will create bat files for this application and run them.
It can also create 1024k bios-files from 4 256k files.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.2.1<<

Works in DOS/Win9X/Win2K/WinXP for Xecuter2 Pro.
Make a dos boot disc and use this app - no more windows lpt problems. You can also select which bank to flash to and also choose which bios the xbox should use.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

X2 PRO DOS app is basically a dos only version of X2 BIOS Manager. You can also flash per bank as well as tell it which bios to boot from! The usefulness of this app is that it will be great for those who have problems setting up your windows LPT when flashing the X2 PRO. Now you simply set your LPT port to 378 EPP / ECP on your PC motherboard, make a DOS boot disc and program away!
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> X2cable
Commandline program to flash modchips with homebrew X2 cable or with the Xecuter2 Lite Programmer
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> X3IR Manager
This will allow to modify and flash your Xecuter X3IR addon settings.
Settings currently are:
* Allow Power ON: yes/no
* Power Button Push Delay Mod On: x msec (depending on modchip you are using, you might have to change this)
* Power Button Push Delay Mod Off: x msec
* Turn On with Mod Enabled: remote button code (there's an easy 'Learning Mode' to add new button presses from different remotes)
* Turn On with Mod Disabled: remote button code
* Turn off: remote button code
* Read Settings
* Write Settings
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.2.1<<

>> Xecuter2 Bios Manager
The main aim of X2BM is to make it easy to manage, create & programme bios images for your xbox. No more need for bat files to stick images together, or for messy programming apps. It also now programmes your X2.x lite, X2.x Pro AND first 1mb of X3 mods together in one tool.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2.3<<

>> Xecuter2 PRO Flash Per Bank Software for win2k/XP
Win2k/xp compatible version of the commadline program to flash your X2P per bank (on PC via LTP).
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Xecuter2 PRO Flash Per Bank Software for win9x/ME
Win9x/ME compatible version of the commadline program to flash your X2P per bank (on PC via LTP).
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Xodus Programmer
Software to flash Matrix/Xodus modchip and Chameleon modchip with the Matrix/Xodus programmer.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.13<<

>> iXia
Software compatible with Xecuter programmer and Win 9x,2k,XP. Can be used to flash theAladdin ADV, Xecuter2.x Lite and Xecuter2.x Pro with the Xecuter programmer.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

MS Dashboard xip/xap/xbe editors/patchers

>> 5659 Dash NoXip Resign Patch
This Patch is only for XBDash Live 2.0.17e4cd00 (or named 5659)
This patch only allow you to mod original xip's without having to resign your xboxdash.xbe.
Adding xip's still need a resign but only once, after you can modify your freshly added xip's without resigning.
Moreover this patch include no-reboot on XBDash (IGR still works).
>>Download<< || By fuckdb || >>Latest version: v1.1<<

>> AseToXM + XMreader
Ase to XM will convert a 3DMax exported ASE file to XM format and XM to ASE. Supports mesh and texturing.
XMreader will allow you to read what an XM file has(face count, verts,coord, ect..).
Back up your Dash before you start editing it.
>>Download<< || By jimk || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> AutoFill-Soundtracks Dash Patcher
Let me start off by clarifying the name - it is an "autofill" because you don't have to edit any config.xaps or menu xap's to have your menu's filled. But it is based on the SavedGameGrid - so you need a save on your hd in order for anything to show up on the menus. I figured it was easier for ppl to edit their saves than to keep editing their xap's everytime they added/removed an item. Now thanks to Xtech - that process got even easier :) Included is his DummySaveCreator which with one click of a button will create any dummy saves needed to fully represent your hard drive's contents in the menus.
>>Download<< || By JbOnE || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> DashColorPatcher
Color Patcher for MS Dashboard.
>>Download<< || By fuckdb || >>Latest version: v0.1.1 beta<<

>> Fast xbx2dds2img
XBX <-> DDS <-> IMG (Support .tga, .bmp, .gif, .ppm, .jpg, .tif)
All are batch process system.
* Extract DDS from XBX,
* Inject DDS in XBX,
* Convert DDS to JPG,
* Convert any image file to a valid DDS ;)
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0.0<<

>> Hexbe
The first of it's kind, Hexbe is an application that easily allows you to change up to 39 textures in "xboxdash.xbe" directly over ftp in just a couple of clicks.
With user-control in mind, available is 4 sliders (1 for each of the channels Alpha, R, G, and B), and a Color Palette for the lazy asses out there. For the old school, stubborn hackers, included also is a manual patching technique, that can be executed and reisigned manually.
>>Download<< || By Xtech & Vulgusprofanum || >>Latest version: v0.9.209<<

>> MS Dashboard Dvd Region Free Patch
This patch is to remove DVD region check in the DVD player from original XBOX dashboard.
It works (tested) on following Microsoft dashboard versions :
3944, 4034, 4817, 4920 rev. 10027100, 4920 rev. 1012a700, 5659 rev. 17e4cd00, 5659 rev. 17f14d00
It may work (not tested) on following Microsoft dashboard versions : 4627
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.04<<

>> Msxboxdash Progresive Patch
Progressive Scan Patcher for the original MS dashboard.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> OpenGLXMviewer
This is basicly a rewrite of Votaics code for the xm viewer but it uses OpenGL to render instead of D3D.
>>Download<< || By jimk || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Pixit
pixit is a program to manipulate files stored in the Xbox XIP archive file. You can display the file content, extract the files, re-assemble an archive. You can also add new files but for now it is not recommended.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.6<<

>> WinXIP 0.88 + XmViewer & XbxViewer
WinXIP is a program to manipulate files stored in the Xbox Archive File. You can view, edit and extract the content of these archive files. You can resign the MS Dashboard (xboxdash.xbe) using the modified version of these archives.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.88a<<

>> XBX Tools
* XBXTools will extract an xbx file to a dds file
* XBXtools will build an xbx file from a dds file (or Jpg File)
* Acts as Bundler.exe(MS SDK) and xprectract2.exe
* No painful cmd line interface anymore. Only 2 buttons - Extract/Build.
No Download

>> XDash Utilities
This application allows you to easily add/modify menus for use with the Microsoft Dashboard.
Designed for newbies, who dont want to edit manually the dashboard.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.0.11<<

>> XMconverter
Xm converter was created to convert many xm files at once.
simple left side is where your xm files are, select as many as you want then click convert to convert them all.
>>Download<< || By Jimk || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Xap editor
Here is an Xap editor for editing Xap files. Will also import xaps directly from XIP files. If you like UltraEdit you will like this lots of same features. If you edit the XAP files you need this proggy.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.91<<

>> XipUploader
Here is a new tool for winxip or can be used by itself.
It will simply upload all the xips in a folder and your xboxdash.xbe to your xbox.
Can be setup as a tool in winxip for ftp cababilities.
>>Download<< || By jimk || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> dds2img + imgconv
converts dds files to other formats.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

Other Utilities

>> FileBooster
Simple FTP client capable of pushing files to the avalaunch dashboard (ot other xbox apps compatible with avalaunch's boostmode) at blazing speeds of 10-11 mb/sec. Now you can upload your AVI's, JPG's, MP3's or whatever you like with boostmode.
>>Download<< || By ultrabrut || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Operation Xbox (the neoproject)
The goal of Operation Project X is to crack the 2048-bit RSA private encryption key Microsoft uses to sign Xbox media. The goal of this project is to make it possible to run Linux on a Microsoft Xbox console without a so-called modchip. A total of US$ 100,000 will be awarded by Michael Robertson ("donor").
You need the .NET framework for this application , get it here[download.microsoft.com]
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0.0a<<

>> Operation Xbox GUI (the neoproject)
The goal of Operation Project X is to crack the 2048-bit RSA private encryption key Microsoft uses to sign Xbox media. The goal of this project is to make it possible to run Linux on a Microsoft Xbox console without a so-called modchip. A total of US$ 100,000 will be awarded by Michael Robertson ("donor").
You need the .NET framework for this application , get it here[download.microsoft.com]
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.6b<<

>> PPFInfo
This will convert an ppf file to an txt file with all the offsets and the changes
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.1<<

>> Soundtrack Editor
Now you can edit XBOX Soundtrack from your PC.
Add/Remove/Rename soundtrack and music track with this program.
If you want to listen to the MP3s in the XBOX, change the MP3 to WMA format using converting program like 'Advanced WMA Workshop'. 
Then add the converted WMA to your XBOX using 'Add Track' menu in this program.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.97<<

XBINS-TIRC is a customized IRC client specifically for xbins.
This was a script made for those who wished to completely make connecting to xbins automated. This was a 3 week project and is now very reliable and stable. To use it type your desired and permanent nick in the nick dialog on your first start. From there you can have it automatically do it all, or have a dialog that starts up and you can use that to connect, join #xbins, msg the bots, and join the other channels.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> XWB Extractor
XWB Extractor will parse your XWB files and extract the embedded files.
These files can be of any type, but I've found sound files PCM and WMA.
This program has been tested on Burnout 3, Metal Slug 3, and Prince of Persia: Warrior Within.
I've received requests about BIG, MUS, and AWD files. From what I've found, some EA games use BIG files with BIG4 as the first 4 bytes, and some have the first 4 bytes as 05 00 00 00. The BIG4 ones look to have ASF files in them, because they have tags of SCHl, which is the ASF header. MUS files look like they have ASF files and BNK files, which I would guess is a sound bank file, maybe in a MIDI format. Don't know what app uses a BNK file.
>>Download<< || By lee_hamel -AT- yahoo -DOT- com || >>Latest version: v1.1<<

>> Xbox Identifier
You type in your serial and it calculates where your xbox was built, the year and month it was manufactured, assembly line and number. It'll also figure out what version your xbox is. The information is gathered from the xbox-linux project site. May be helpful to people who are new to the mod scene.
If you have flash installed on your browser you can see the program here.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

>> Xbox Image Grabber
XIG2 is a simple Open Source alternative to the clumsy screen capture utility included in the XDK. It allows those running debug Xboxes to take quick screen captures that are saved in your preferred format (jpg, png, etc) and can be automatically uploaded via FTP or PHP to your webserver. It also allows image water marking and time stamping.

It has the following features:
- automatic conversion to .jpg, .png, or other formats
- automatic timestamp
- automatic watermark
- automatic upload to FTP server
- automatic upload to php script
- includes a preview window
- requires no XDK software to be installed
- dds2 takes the place of xbcapture
- Background Process Execution
- Minimize to system tray
- Built in settings menu
- Fixed 480p and 1080i
- Fixed captures in Fable
- Automatic Image resizing
- Debug Game Manager
- upgraded dds2 to dds3
- new dds3 header code
- various dds3 code optimizations
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: 2 v1.3<<

Streaming Servers and XBMP/XBMC utils

>> JAXStreamer
JAXStreamer is a stream server for linux that works with xbmp2.x
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.0.0<<

>> MFXStream
MFXStream is a file stream server for XboxMediaCenter using XBOX Media Streaming Protocoll (XBMSP). It's developed with C#. Requires .NET Framework v1.1 to run.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0.0<<

>> RelaX
RelaX is an XNS Protocol server program that will u let share your media to your XboxMediaCenter.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.79<<

>> Scgen
Heres a linux shell script that will generate xbmp .sc files of the top 20 Shoutcast streams. Execute this script via cron every 30 minutes or so for an adequate up to date list of the top 20 streams. The script can be modified to move the .sc files to a network drive that is mapped in the xbmp config.xml file. Theres a few filename glitches but those will be worked out in the next release.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.0a<<

>> ShoutCocoa v1.0 (MacOS X)
ShoutCocoa by ravemax fetches the HTML from a given "Shoutcast.com"-URL and then generates XBoxMediaPlayer ".sc" files for all contained shoutcast stream playlists
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

>> UK TV Grabber
In short it is a Windows application that grabs a UK TV listings from the web to a file that can be used by XBMP's TV-Guide. It supports all UK channels and includes a logo pack for those that prefer the logo's instead of text.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

>> XBMP ToolKit
Mac OS X Gui for some XBMP utilites: XBMS and MKISOFS
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.3<<

This is a streaming server for XBMP2.x and XBMC that will run under linux!
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.30.6 2<<

>> XBMSP4Java
This is a Java xbmsp-server (for XboxMediaPlayer and XboxMediaCenter)
The implementation follows xbms_0.30.6 quite closely.
The server requires JRE/JDK 1.4.x
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.01<<

>> XNSCast
XNSCast is an experimental Shoutcast/Icecast stream relayer for use with XBMP. It works by presenting fake files to XBMP, and when these files are requested, a connection to a Shoutcast/Icecast- server is made, and data from the Shoutcast/Icecast stream is relayed to XBMP, imitating regular Relax behaviour. This means that you can finally Listen to Shoutcast radio using your Xbox!
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.41<<

>> XNSPlsEdit
XNSPlsEdit was created to make .sc files for RelaX/XBMP from exisiting SHOUTCast .pls files.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.2<<

>> XbmsX *Mac OSX*
This was the server part of XBMP Toolkit, but I've split it off into it's own app now. This new version allows you to set up xbms as a start-up script so that it automaticlly starts when you boot your computer. It also has a much improved status switch that will tell you for sure if xbms is running or not. Support for XBMP and XBMC.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.9<<

>> bxStream
bxStream is an XNS Protocol server program that will u let share your media to your XBOX media player more info on www.xboxmediaplayer.de; it's fast and you can manage what you see from on the xbox directly from here without change the xbmp config.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.1<<

>> ccXStream Server (linux)
A new network protocol for media streaming named XB Media Streaming Protocol (XBMSP) developed by PuhPuh in discussion with RUNTiME & Pope-X.
XBMSP is a more simplistic & faster protocol than the XNS protocol currently used by XboxMediaPlayer. Though XBMSP has not replaced XNS it can be used by future XStream Servers to share media files to XboxMediaPlayer. PuhPuh has also developed XSteam test server called "ccXStream" that uses the XBMSP protocol.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0.15<<

>> ccXStream Server (windows)
A new network protocol for media streaming named XB Media Streaming Protocol (XBMSP) developed by PuhPuh in discussion with RUNTiME & Pope-X.
XBMSP is a more simplistic & faster protocol than the XNS protocol currently used by XboxMediaPlayer. Though XBMSP has not replaced XNS it can be used by future XStream Servers to share media files to XboxMediaPlayer. PuhPuh has also developed XSteam test server called "ccXStream" that uses the XBMSP protocol.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0.15<<

>> ccXgui
ccXgui (ccXstream Graphic User Interface) is like the name says, a Graphic User Interface for the famous XBMP/XBMC Media Stream server ccXstream. ccXgui does the job, that ccXstream are not able to do.... Provide an easy to use interface for the user.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.41<<

>> ccXgui LITE
A win32 Graphic User Interface for the famous XboxMediaCenter/XboxMediaPlayer Media Stream server ccXstream, it's a 'light' version of ccXgui.
The difference between ccXgui and ccXgui LITE is... well the name almost tells it. It's a quite basic GUI for ccXstream.
You can select 1 share, and select a name for the share, and then run it. All the core features are of course still there (terminating ccXstream when you close ccXgui LITE etc.) but I have decided not to make anything fancy atm.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: Beta 1.0<<

Tunnel Software (online gaming)

>> Aquaduct
Aquaduct is an XBox tunneling application for Mac OSX that connects to the XBconnect servers.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2 build 31<<

>> Gamespy tunnel
The GameSpy Tunnel is an application that is used with GameSpy Arcade to enable you to play Xbox SystemLink games over the Internet FOR FREE with other Xbox players.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2.0 beta<<

>> Kai
XLink Kai is a global gaming network - bringing together XBox, Playstation 2, Gamecube, DS, and PSP users, in one integrated community. It is software running on your PC (windows, linux) or Macintosh that allows you to play system-link enabled games online for free. Kai is the only service that is not console specific, and boasts one of the friendliest communites available.
- Supports XBox, GameCube and PlayStation2, PSP, system-link / LAN enabled games.
- 2 gaming modes (Messenger and Arena).
- Integrated chat in all areas.
- No port-forwarding required on almost all network setups.
- PC to PC and PC to XBox voice conversations using the SPEEX codec.
- Extremely simple user-interface.
- Auto-update notifications.
- Multi-console compatible.
- Compatible with wireless networks (not all wireless network setups).
- Superior compression algorithms for less lag.
- Network connection monitor/s.
- Support for university dorms and proxies such as Italian FastWeb ISP.
- Trusted clan and tournament / ladder arenas.
- Remote functionality through homebrew dashboards (for XBox users only)
- Lots more features for you to discover.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: Evo VII<<

>> XBConnect
XBConnect is "Next Generation" Software for Win32 that allows you to play Microsoft Xbox™ system link games over the internet. No more Single Player Campaign/Career modes. With XBConnect finding players to play against is a breeze and an essential part of the XBox experience.
Since v5 this application is also called 'neXBC'.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v5.1.8<<

>> XBoxPluggedIn
Xbox plugged in is a fully functional community application that has been developed to enable people to find, chat and play with people online. XBXPI is a cross platform application built on Java utilizing PCAP and JNI to enable blazing fast performance while allowing for minimal cross platform focus during development.
Available for winall , linux & solaris (intel/sparc).
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

XLIL is a LINUX GUI launcher and installer for the XlLink Kai tunnel software. It's published as a distro independant application. The software is programmed in Python using either pyQT and can run on both KDE and Gnome. Many people have been asking for this software, because running XLink Kai Linux from the command line is too geeky for some folks.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

>> XboxConnector
Xbox Connector is a Windows based standalone Win32 application that allows you to play over the internet with your Xbox. Xbox Connector was created out of our interest in the Xbox and fun and is a free application. Xbox Connector has the capability to allow 4 simultaneous Xboxes to be 'networked' together so that up to 16 players can play at the same time. Xbox Connector allows any 'system link' game to be played over the internet. See our news section for release information and other announcements.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> XboxGW
XBOXGW is an application that was developed to expand the capabilities of System Link games for the Microsoft XBOX. The basic functionality of this program is very similar to an ethernet bridge. This one just happens to be smart enough to only bridge XBOX game traffic, and to split it up to the right players as to not take unnecessary bandwidth. Only available for Unix flavors at this moment , a windows & MacOSX is expected soon.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.082<<

>> neXBC
neXBC (next evolution XBC) will change the way you play system link games. You will no longer need to join rooms, or even be at your PC to play. neXBC is designed to let you play the games you want, with the people you want, for as long as you want without having to touch your PC. Fire up neXBC, set your game type filters, and relax in your recliner for a evening of non stop gaming.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v5.1.3.257<<

xbe-xbx tools

>> CanCopyMod
With this patch you will be able to copy any contents listed in the memory menu of your MS Dashboard. Including XBL content downloads, certain un-copyable game saves, and even MUSIC!
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> DVD region-X Patch
Progressive Scan Patcher for DVD-X
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> DXpatch
* What is this: A patch to make games compatible with the DreamX 1480.
* Why do you need it: To patch games for the faster processor so they run at normal speed and playback smoothly.
* Overview: For those of you wondering what a DreamX 1480 is, it is a modded Xbox from Friendtech with 1.4Ghz processor and 128Mb RAM upgrades. These boxes were originally created to run Linux and things of that nature, they yielded some serious compatibility issues for playing games. Basically game developers hardcode the games to the internal clock speed of the original processor (733.33Mhz) since they know every Xbox manufactured will have the same hardware components. The problem here is that the DreamX is twice as fast so when games are hardcoded for the slower processor, they will run twice as fast, have choppy video, etc. Lots and lots of problems result because of this. Until now owners of these Xboxes haven't been able to play most of their games due to this problem plaguing the DreamX. this patch fixes that. Testing showed that 98% of games tested played normal after applying this patch.
The best implementation of this hack would be at bios level so it could patch xbe's on-the-fly and from discs. I have hopes that some of the modchip teams will pick this up and run with it since it is a fairly simple hack. If any developers have an interest in going a little further with this please contact Elupus or me and we can supply you the details of what the patch actually does.
>>Download<< || By Elupus, los93sol1, Lysip || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

>> JMXToolz
With the latest OXM disks being created (Issue #40 and newer) they have converted to a newer 3d-esque menu system that uses a binary file called 'menu.jmx' to construct the menu/colors/backgrounds/items/actions etc...
Angerwound and PedrosPad have written a set of tools for users to toy with this file and create their own OXM disk menus. The main reason behind this project was a replacement of CDX for those that create MultiGameMenu's or a low-end dashboard.
The newer menu system supports audio/video file playback, XBE Execution, Screensaver, Billboard Feature and more. See included .cfg within JMXBuild for all options available.

Within the package are three tools:
* jmxDump (simply dumps the format of the JMX, as xbedump would for XBE's)
* jmxToTxt (Writes a text version of the JMX file for users to read a bit easier)
* jmxBuild (Inputs a config file, and creates the JMX based on the user's preferences). A few things have yet to be implemented into jmxBuild such as color settings and screensaver settings.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: Public Beta Release 1<<

>> Name Changer
This will allow you to change your XBOX name There are already some tutorials on editing the file yourself with an hexeditor But this program does it all for you, downloading the correct file, reading your name, and saving/uploading with just one click.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.6<<

>> Progressive Scan Patcher
A PC hosted tool. It allows to patch xbe to make them ocmpatible with progressive scan displays (i.e. HDTV and true VGA converters). Tested on several XBox games, homebrew or MS (Dasboard and onlinedash). It allows progressive scan DVD playback if applied to DVD RegionX or MS Dashboard.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> RAM Limit Remover
This is just a small app coded to remove the 64mb limit flag that most xbox applications/games have set. Now, I know hardly anyone is going to upgrade their ram anytime soon, its good to have incase you do, and mame wants to use it.

>> RIOT iSO .XBE File Cracker
Usage: XBoxcrk
This internal RiOT M$ DOS utility was discovered hidden on the iSO image from RiOT's release last month. Perhaps it was just another sloppy packing job which is common among rookie release groups, or maybe someone within their ranks intentionally leaked this tool.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Rip Patcher
This is for all you with beta chips that have been using EvolutionX to 'backup' your games! This patches them to get
them to work on your box!
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> XBE Audio Patcher
This Application will change the Drive Letter to where the Custom SoundTracks are located. For instance, instead of having the ST.DB file located in E:\TData\....etc it will be stored in F:\Tdata.
This program might not be usefull to alot of you, but if you play games that support Custom SoundTracks and you are using the Xbox Sound Track Manger then this program might be some use to you.
Note: This will only work for games Saved on the HardDrive.
>>Download<< || By BlueCELL || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> XBE Media ID Patcher
Every XBE has a media flag, which determines which media on which it can be run. At retail, Microsoft signs all Xbox games to run from an Xbox game disc only. Current mod chips (those subsequent to the Enigmah Beta) only have the capability of circumventing the 1st implementation of this media check. Now that the 2nd implementation has arrived. Only X2 4975+ bioses able to circumvent this media check.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2<<

>> XBE MediaPatcher2
Every XBE has a media flag, which determines which media on which it can be run. At retail, Microsoft signs all Xbox games to run from an Xbox game disc only. Current mod chips (those subsequent to the Enigmah Beta) only have the capability of circumventing the 1st implementation of this media check. Now that the 2nd implementation has arrived. Only X2 4975+ bioses able to circumvent this media check.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<<

>> XBE Patch
This tool was written to patch XBE files designed for a devkit to work on a modified retail XBox.
Usage :
XBEPatch filename
This will create a backup of the original file (.bak extension) and a patched version of the file. Put it in an ISO, burn it and voila, your code will run.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> XBE Patch GUI
This tool was written to patch XBE files designed for a devkit to work on a modified retail.
Grafical version.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> XBE Renamer
XBE Renamer is a program which can modify the default Title Names for XBE's (XBox Executables). Some XBE's have the strangest Title Names which is annoying if using features like EvolutionX's or XBMP's autoadd applications/games.
XBE Renamer reads the current Title Name from the xbe-file (usually named 'default.xbe'). It then enables you to change the Title Name and save it back to the xbe-file. The application works both on xbe's on the harddrive and directly on the Xbox via FTP access.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.8<<

>> XBE Title Changer
If you install games on your XBox hard drive, many dashboards like EvoX will automatically generate a launch menu with the game titles on it; the title of each game is extracted from the DEFAULT.XBE file associated with the game. 
Unfortunately, the title information in a given game is not always accurate, may be spelled incorrectly, may be in a different language, etc, making your menus look "sloppy".
There are a number of utilities out there that change the title within an XBE file, and file transfer utilities like Qwix give you the option of retitling a game as you transfer it to your XBox hard drive. However, I store all of my games as ISO images, and I wanted a way to retitle them in bulk without having to extract/patch/repack each ISO or remember to change the title every time I transferred it to an XBox. Since I couldn't find a suitable tool, I wrote one.
XTC changes the game title inside the DEFAULT.XBE file directly inside an XBox ISO image -- no need to unpack/repack to use it. Simply select some ISO images, make changes as appropriate, and commit them.
>>Download<< || By Captain Dunsel || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> XBEMediaPatch xbpatch2
Every XBE has a media flag, which determines which media on which it can be run. At retail, Microsoft signs all Xbox games to run from an Xbox game disc only. Current mod chips (those subsequent to the Enigmah Beta) only have the capability of circumventing the 1st implementation of this media check. Now that the 2nd implementation has arrived. Only X2 4975+ bioses able to circumvent this media check.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<<

>> XBEPatcher
hubevolution presents the XBEPatcher a simple tool to help you play your original xbox games from the HD even when the game has long filenames. It has been reported to work at the moment with MTX Mototrax PAL/NTSC (special MTX mode see .nfo) and Enter The Matrix.
>>Download<< || By hubevolution || >>Latest version: v0.3<<

>> XBEdump Launcher v1.0.1
This XBEdump frontend allow you to sign the *.xbe files for use with audio hack or fonts. Just put the default.xbe that you wan to sign in the same directory that XBEdumplauncher.
Select the hack type that you want and you will obtain a out.xbe file.
Just rename out.xbe to default.xbe and replace the original by this one.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0.1<<

>> XBEpatch (for unix)
A debug to retail patch program released with source code. Has been tested with cygwin, however of course it should work with any other unix based system (i.e. linux). Just extract , and type make, to compile the app into an executable.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> XBMC EuroDate Patch
Until now the XBoxMediaCenter (XBMC) have not an option to change the date format to European style.
With this patch you can change the display format of the date to this format.
From this "Saturday, May 15"
to this "Saturday, 15 May"
>>Download<< || By Pyra || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> XMPatcher
Every XBE has a media flag, which determines which media on which it can be run. At retail, Microsoft signs all Xbox games to run from an Xbox game disc only. Current mod chips (those subsequent to the Enigmah Beta) only have the capability of circumventing the 1st implementation of this media check. Now that the 2nd implementation has arrived. Only X2 4975+ bioses able to circumvent this media check.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.2<<

>> Xbe Shortcut Maker
Creates shortcut xbes for xbox titles keeping your current method of organization intact so you can keep your hd roots as uncluttered as possible, as well as add items to dash menus without moving or creating duplicate installs. Simply point the target path to the xbe you wish to launch and the output xbe will be a 60kb shortcut that will simply launch the given title.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0 build 09.17.05<<

>> Xbox Game Name Changer
A small util for changing names in Xbox exec files.
>>Download<< || By ZyBeR || >>Latest version: v1<<

Xbox Emulators

>> Cxbx
CXBX is designed to be an XBox Emulator for the PC. During the development of this program, alot has been learned about XBE files, which led to the development of CXBE.
It can now play 1 commercial Xbox game: 'Turok'.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.8.0 Pre2<<

>> Xeon
Xeon is an XBox emulator for the PC in development. Currently it 'supports' one commercial game (Halo), and support for more will be added in the future along with other features.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

Xbox Trainer Patchers

>> !IPSWin 2.0
IPSWin is a tool to apply IPS files. Used to apply patches and trainers on xbox .xbe files.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<<

>> 007: Nightfire [+3]

>> 007: agent under fire
Allows to load hacked game save files.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<<

>> Air Force Delta Storm [+5]

>> Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance [+6]
* MAX STATS - the code to enable MAX STATS is hooking into the stats screen so to top up ur stats just goto the stats screen.

>> Brute Force [+5]
* INFINITE ITEMS (grenades, medipacks etc..)
No Download

>> Crash Bandicoot [+6]

>> DOA Xtreme Volleyball Texture Patch
This is a patch that allows to change the textures of the girls in DOA Xtreme Volleyball.
No Download || >>Official Website<<

>> DOA Xtreme Volleyball [+4]
* Money Hack
* Save Fix
* Screenshot Mod
* Texture Hack
No Download || >>Official Website<<

>> Easy EvoX Trainer Maker
A utility to produce trainer source code or compiled ETM files for EvoX dashboard.
>>Download<< || By DanShUK

>> EvoX Trainers Telnet
'EvoX Trainers Telnet' is a much simpler way to send the commands to EvoX to make trainers.
>>Download<< || By Mandragor

All the standard TSR commands
Saves your breakpoint info when using set/enable/disable/clear
Can automatically log to file
Can freeze/unfreeze the game when doing a search (Don't know if this is needed, but it only took a few secs to put in)
>>Download<< || By ddh

>> GUNMETAL [+2]

>> HALO [+10]

>> HALO [PAL/NTSC] [+10]

>> House of the Dead 3 US [+5]

>> Indiana Jones And The Emperors Tomb [+4]

>>Download<< || >>Official Website<<

>> MECHASSAULT [+5] beta *ntsc*



>> Metal Gear Solid: Substance [+5]

>> Phantasy Star Online [+1]
* Money Patch (9,999,999)
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<<

>> Pirates of the Carribean [+5]
* Godmode: Black button
* Gold +10000: Dpad up
* Shotgun: Dpad left
* Reputation Neutral: White button
* Skill points: Dpad Right
No Download || >>Official Website<<

>> Run Like Hell [+4]
* ONE HIT KILL - ALL aliens died after 1 hit from any weapon.

>> Serious Sam [+5]

>> Splinter Cell [+5]
* Invisible
* Invicibility
* NoClip Mode
* Max Ammo
* Max Health

>> TUROK [+11]

>> TY The Tasmanian Tiger US [+3] *FIXED*

>> The Hulk [+4]
No Download

>> VEXX [+9]
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<<

xISO extracting/creating Tools

>> C-Xbox Tool
C-XBox Tool is one of the most All in One tool for XBox. It offers a lot of easy to use features like creating or extracting ISO's, Multigame wizards, File transferring and more. And it's multilanguage.

* Extract ISO
* Create ISO
* Create CD/DVD multigames with MenuX
* Create CD/DVD multigames with MXM
* Create CD/DVD multigames directly from ISO
* Create ISO directly from Xbox HD
* FTP Client
* FTP transfert PC<>Xbox from ISO
* Avalaunch Boost-Mode support
* Explore CD/DVD burned from ISO
* Patch XBE
* Rename XBE titles
* Images editor
* Themes manager
* Skins manager
* Multilanguage
No Download || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2.0.6<<

>> Cddissect
This tool dumps all data tracks on a CD to ISO files, dumps all audio tracks on a CD to MP3 files, and creates a cue sheet with all the proper filenames.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.1<<

>> CloneXB
Fill in the settings. Click start and it will copy whatever DVD Disc you have in the XBOX and produce a true GDF ISO Image on your local PC Hard Drive and burn it to a blank DVD/CD. It has burning support, automatically removes the media check from all files and its very easy to use, especially for noobs.
>>Download<< || By CloneXB || >>Latest version: v2.3<<

>> Craxtion
Craxtion is the cleanest and easiest to use xbox ISO tool that enables the users to create/extract *true* xbox ISO using Microsoft GDFImage/XImage and now with Built In Hard-Coded Extractor written by Fedge & Lepper! Craxtion has also implemented a MultiGame creation wizard(MenuX and MXM) which creates a ready-to-burn ISO image from a list of ISO's or Directories that you select. Multigames are customizable with themes that you can download and import directly from inside craxtion!
Craxtion has an ISO Explorer as well which lets you view the contents of an ISO and extract invidual files from it at maximum speed!
No Download || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v4.0.0<<

>> Extract-XISO GUI *Win32*
This is a gui for the widely popular Extract-XISO created by in. This GUI allows you to create, rewrite, and extract an XISO.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

Create a XBOX disc game ISO file.
Looks like as the copyrighted GDFimage, of the XBOX Development Kit of Microsoft..
Its free and can be used without legal problem.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Game Disk Format Image GUI
Game Disk Format Image GUI is a GUI for GDFIMAGE, a Microsoft tool useful for make ISO for XBOX console. The GDFIMAGE tool by Microsoft is a program that works in DOS so it isn't easy to use. The GUI requires GDFIMAGE to work (not included due to copyrighted material).
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.2<<

>> ISO Reader
This programs enables you to peek inside your XBOX iso files.
With this program You can view the files as text, hexadecimal and image (some formats), and also extract files, directories, or the entire ISO to directories on your computer hard drive.
This one is written by ector
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v0.1<<

>> ISO ToolKit
This tool has been written as a substitute to the copyright-licensed "gdfimage" Tool by Microsoft which can be found in the XBox Development Kit (XDK).
It features a XBox ISO Extractor and a XBox ISO Rebuilder. Both functions have totally been coded from the scratch and the tool therefore contains no Microsoft copyrighted code.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.1<<

>> ISOx Creator
Make an xiso (xbox iso format) files easily with this utility.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.1<<

>> IsoMaker
Make an xiso (xbox iso format) files easily with this utility.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.21<<

>> Mac OS X Box Tools *Mac OS X*
It will do extracting, local or to ftp, one file or a batch and creating Xiso. This program is a GUI interface for extract-xiso on Mac OSX.
It is also able to browse the FTP to select the target folder.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.2 beta<<

>> MooGUI
MooGUI is a batch file creator for use with XDVDFS Tools for those of us that are keyboard challenged. XDVDFS Tools is command line driven and has no GUI, anytime you want to use it you have to launch up a command window (DOS window) and type all the parameters it needs. This is where MooGUI comes in.
Feature List:
* Layout editor
* FTP download game folders with boostmode
* FTP download layouts from Xbox
* Apply standard type 1 or type 2 optimizations
* Customizable scripts for repetitive layout editing
* Import ACL file EP commands
* Wizard driven interface for ISO creation
* XBE patcher
* Build a layout from files on PC, useful for homebrew apps and games
* Build multi-game layout files
* Extract ISOs
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.3.0<<

>> Qwix
Qwix is a new Xbox and ISO management tool for the Windows platform. Connection manager makes it easy to keep settings specific to different Xboxes or dashboards.
Offers alot of management and useful features in combination with Avalaunch dashboard. Also allows extremely fast filetransfers between PC and Xbox.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.01<<

SUXX is a iso extraction tool that supports extracting from rar's and transfering to the ftp all on the fly.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: build 0102<<

>> SimpleX ISO
It's a 2 in 1 program. It can create or extract an Xbox ISO.
(It can do both at the same time).
It's faster and uses less CPU then tools using XDFSExtract.exe and gdfimage.exe.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.3<<

This program is the successor of GDFImage GUI and allow you to easily build, extract your XBOX ISOs (with Batch support). Also, you can manage your games through a database. The program uses Windows API (so no other file is required except for the Visual Basic RunTime) and is extremely optimized. The archive contains all you need to start using the program, except for the GDFIMAGE.EXE tools because is under Microsoft Copyright. The GDFIMAGE GUI is not supported and is not available for download.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.3<<

>> XBOX ISO Transfer (XIT)
Based on the Xiso Xfer source code:
*True "on the fly" extraction, files will be transferred straight to your XBOX without being saved to disk first (if you have enough ram).It's the fastest tool currently available.
* Supports rar files, just open them as you would an iso.
* Chooses a destination directory name automatically, based on examination of xbe files inside the iso.
* Batch mode, just select or drag&drop; multiple files and sit back.
* No bloaty skins
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

>> XDFS Extract
This project began as an XDFSLister for 'Extract Tool' which will print out the contents of a XDFS formated iSO file in a format 'Extract Tool' can use. As of today, this latest utility (v0.3+) is NO LONGER a lister... it's now an *extractor* to aid in pulling data from .iSO format files. Enjoy! =]
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.5a<<

>> XDFS ISO Reader
This tool was written to read the contents of Xbox ISO Files. (normal ISO extracting software can not extract XBOX ISO's)
Very easy to use,just open the ISO and it displays the structure of the XDFS file system. In the right pane it will show the files in the currently selected directory, just right click the file, and select extract file to extract that file to your local hard disk.
This was written based on the findings of Andrew De Quincy, visit his page www.tardis.ed.ac.uk/~lucien/computing/projects/xbox/XDVDFS.htm for details of the XDFS file system.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.1.1<<

>> XDVDFS Tools
XDVDFS Tools contains several xISO utils that will allow you to exactly re-create an xISO disc (same order of files as orignal).
* Generates XDVDFS search trees. (GDFIMAGE does not)
* Much faster than GDFIMAGE.
* Combined with XDVDFS_Dumper can recreate a disk with all file
* system optimizations preserved.
* Can pad images to 4.38 GiB.
* Portable. (Win32, Linux, MacOS)
* Source code included.
No Download || By [SNK] / Supremacy / CloneXB || >>Latest version: v2.1<<

>> XDisc Automaters
XDisc Automaters are a collection of 2 automation scripts that will give you quick access to extracting and creating XBox ISOs in Mac OS X 10.4. Once installed, they will show up in your "Automater" menu when you right click on a folder or iso file in the finder...quick and easy! They use the new Automater application inside Mac OS X 1.04, so 10.4 is required for them to work. They use extract-xiso 2.3 to create and extract the ISOs.
>>Download<< || By trackfive || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

Another xISO extractor/creator
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.1.2<<

>> Xbox Backup Toolkit *Mac OSX*
Track Five from XS.. has made a Native OS X Gui/util that allows you to backup your original retail game and FTP to PC, and then ISO. (acts as a front end to extract-iso)
No Download || By trackfive

>> Xbox DND Tools
Quick and dirty drag and drop ISO tools for Mac OS X using extract-xiso as the engine. Works on Mac OS X 10.3.x. Included: Droptimze (ISO optimizer), DropCreate (Create ISO from local folder), DropExtract (Extract ISO contents to local drive) and DropList (List contents of ISO).
>>Download<< || By Trackfive || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> Xbox ISO
This program is the successor of the GDFImage GUI.
* Make a GDF ISO (the original XBOX file system)
* Extract an ISO in a specified folder (must exist)
* Manage your games with a MS Access compatible Database. (you can store your game information plus the cover)
* Check if you have sufficient space before extracting or building ISOs
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.4<<

>> Xbox ISO Extractor *Mac OSX*
Xbox ISO Extractor is a GUI front-end for the extract-xiso tool.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

>> Xbox Image Creator 3.0
First of many #xboxopensource (EFnet) projects released ... The source for Xbox Image Creator 3.0 have been released by the team.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v3.0<<

>> Xbox Ripper
XBox Ripper is a simple program designed to do one job - copy files from an XBox CD ROM drive to a directory on a PC.
* Rips entire directory structure and contained files using an FTP connection
* Xbox ISO image creation.
* Quick, simple two click usage.
* Automatic directory creation
* Retrieve disc file size and name
* View space total/left on your local drives (C: through to I:)
* Full 'Right Click' shortcut menu
* Status bar
* CD or DVD burning for any ISO size (including ones made with other programs)
* Auto update working with no user interaction required
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.0.5<<

>> Xdisc
For Mac OS X. Supports all the operations from extract-xiso including, creating, extracting, uploading, etc.
>>Download<< || By trackfive || >>Latest version: v1.0<<

>> XisoManager
* Extracting XISO (XBOX ISO) file to local HD.
* Building XISO file from local HD.
* Extracting XISO directly to XBOX HD using FTP Client.
* Browsing the XBOX HD for destination, and the ability to make a new folder to extract the XISO in it.
* Automatically naming the new folder using the original game name taken from default.xbe file.
* Burning and XISO image to a CD or a CDRW. (Failed to implement DVD-R writing - help needed).
* Automatically patch the Default.xbe for the new media flag (while building XISO image).
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.5.1<<

>> ZXBTools
ZXBTools is a windows program With the one you could build multigame menus for Xbox in a fast and easy way. You only have to choose folders or ISOs where games are, write a description and select a thumbnail for each game.
ZXBTools have others features:
+ Extract isos to hd or direct transfer to xbox by FTP
+ Build optimized isos (using extract-xiso)
+ Rename and patch media flag from xbe
+ Theme support in multigame discs
+ Integration with windows explorer using shell extensions
No Download || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.6a<<

>> extract-xiso *FreeBSD*
This tool will extract an xdvdfs (xbox iso) image into the current directory, unless the -d option is given, in which case it will first change to the specified directory and then extract.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2.3<<

>> extract-xiso *MacOS-X*
This tool will extract an xdvdfs (xbox iso) image into the current directory, unless the -d option is given, in which case it will first change to the specified directory and then extract.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2.3<<

>> extract-xiso *Win32*
This tool will extract an xdvdfs (xbox iso) image into the current directory, unless the -d option is given, in which case it will first change to the specified directory and then extract.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2.3<<

>> extract-xiso *linux*
This tool will extract an xdvdfs (xbox iso) image into the current directory, unless the -d option is given, in which case it will first change to the specified directory and then extract.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2.3<<

>> gX-iso
gXiso is a GTK2 (interface) graphical tool written in Python for Linux and Windows to extract (with RAR support) and/or upload xbox iso images to xbox. It's released under the GNU license.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.5<<

>> osXboxISO
xiso creator for Mac OS X.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: v1<<

>> osXiso
Its a Cocoa based GUI for mkisofs to create XBox compatible UDF-ISOs on Mac OS-X.
>>Download<< || >>Latest version: beta3<<

>> xISO xFER
xISO xFER is another Xbox ISO image extractor. There are several other xISO extractors out there, and if you are satisfied with the one you are currently using, stick with it. The main feature with xISO xFER is that you can select your xISO (Xbox ISO) image and extract and transfer it 'on-the-fly' to your Xbox. It is thereby not necessary to extract the ISO prior to transferring it to your Xbox.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v2.0.2<<

>> xbiso
An xbox ISO tool (extracting , packing & ftp support) for Linux. Working on the following platforms: x86-linux, x86_64-linux, x86-freebsd, x86-netbsd, ppc-osx, alpha-linux, sparc-solaris.
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v0.6.0<<

>> xbiso perl
XBISO is an XBOX ISO extractor written in Perl. It can extract the contents of an XBOX ISO file to disk, or directly to the XBOX via FTP.
This version of xbiso.pl is a modified port of Tonto Rosenfaunt's original 'xbiso', which was written in C. Though his version supports FTP, I couldn't find any version of libftp which would link with it (I was probably too lame/lazy to find the right one).
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.6<<

>> xiso
xISO can create & read XBOX ISOs , Inject files & patching XBE devkit files so they work in a retail modded xbox. The reading can be done from a Image or directly from a CD/DVD (ripped, not original).
>>Download<< || >>Official Website<< || >>Latest version: v1.15<<

PC tools for the Xbox 360

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