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XDVDMulleter 10.2beta

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About This File

XDVDMulleter is an iso extraction/creation/rebuilding app with several features making it useful for more precise dumps as required by xtreme firmwares.  

Most stuff currently doesnt work for xbox360 games, but when someone works out the extra security it'll be added 🙂  

* It supports layout files as made by XDVDFS Tools/Moogui, and can create them from an ISO  
* It unpatches and checks xbes within an iso to ensure they have valid signatures  
* It can rebuild an ISO on the fly, with optional video partitions and security things  
* It can insert SS/PFI/DMI into an image which doesnt have one, or replace one which does  
* And it can load ripped xbox 1 discs direct from the dvdrom to save time ripping them  
* It can convert dvd9 to dvd5 and back again, or just strip the padding from a dvd9 making it much more compressible.  
* It can make your old xbox 1 scene releases work on xbox 360 either on dvd5 or dvd9  
* Support for building qwix style doubly optimised ISOS  
* Rudimentary shrinking support  
* Support for WXRipper style hotswapping for reading from retail discs  
* And some more stuff....  

Stealth Checks:  
* Checks PFI for valid data  
* Checks PFI is a known pfi sector  
* Checks video matches PFI data  
* Checks Video is a known video partition  
* Checks 2nd layer of video to check splitvid  
* Checks DMI for 'XBOX' string (xbox 360 only)  
* Checks SS matchs default.xex (xbox 360 only)  
* Checks SS file for invalid hitachi SS  

XDVDMulleter is very beta, very untested, and I dont have the media to test things like dvd9. That said, its been used sucessfully a reasonable amount. But considering i have no beta testers and cant afford media, and my xbox360 refuses to read dvdr..  
Any problems/bugs try #fw on efnet.

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