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  2. Changes: Eliminated BackgroundVertImage and DeviceVertImage using wildcards to future proof eventual changes in the shader. Added Watara Supervision Bezel preset. Due to unfortunate core behavior, the wildcards have been removed from the Atari Lynx presets. Horizontal, vertical, and vertical 270 presets have been created in their place. View the full article
  3. now you can specify cave_start instead of using the lowest unoccupied space cave_start = 0xABCD will make cave start main+0xABCD now cheat code disassembly uses main offset instead of absolute offset Support ASM code creation for dynamically loaded module Now if you add code to cheat from ASM explorer and the game code is in a module a master code will be created for you which will make R1 to have the offset needed to get to the base of the module. The type 0 code will be using R1 as offset. It would be [main+R1+offset]=code where main+R1 will be the module base. ( do not add anything other code to master that might change R1 ) Fixed add cheat not having the two upper digits for code type 0 Adjusted the window size for bookmark menu when expended Select button in edit cheat menu will bring you to ASM edit if the code is currently in disassembled mode View the full article
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  6. @Extrems committed: Adjust for libogc2 changes. Enable networking to function with alternative interfaces. Add checksum for GC Loader HW2 1.1.0.BETA. Add redundancy for finding arena. Clear as much memory as possible. Move exception vector stubbing. Fix disc read errors being ignored. Update Redump database. Force network init if ENC28J60 is detected. Update No-Intro database. f3458d9e112c880ac1667de0b605e4c8233a12d2e9be6ac1ab0d9fc640b62f76 NKit_v1.4.20230928.zip 6d89de3fc453d323f95ba04655db04db09089edc44de809e58014e718030e8bf swiss_r1545.7z 76d6ee723151be28cd02952607c1e5435e887faaddf7a25639790d3ed5121e27 swiss_r1545.tar.xz View the full article
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  8. Release Notes All Emulators, ES-DE and the included theme have been updated. Bugfixes and other changes: Added helper .txt files to the mod and texture pack folders. The builtin changelog is now scrollable. The loading bar color is after much debate once again red. Gameboy Advanced and Game Gear integer scaling changes based on feedback. Optimized and retooled the patching process for ES-DE. Various fixes and optimizations to the RetroDECK build process. Known issues: PPSSPP now have Retroachievements, but it is right now not configurable in the configurator (as it works a bit different the other emulators), we hope to have a solution for it at a later date. You can still login / logout / enable hardcore mode normally from the PPSSPP interface. Quitting the RetroArch GB core with the radial function makes the core swap the palette. Borders sometimes are disappearing, a possible workaround is to reset RetroArch from the configurator. View the full article
  9. C128: - Incorporated upstream changes from C64 and T80 - Added basic support for GMod2-128 cartridges - VIC $D030 video tricks implemented. - More work on stabilizing the VDC video output. - (Re)Implemented smart turbo mode with up to x4 speed. - Added Z80 smart turbo mode. - Updated framework. View the full article
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  11. A quick release to fix a issue with audio playback. Here is the short changelog: [0.8.1] Fixed Audio File playback crash fixed Fixed a typo error in popups View the full article
  12. Improve the speed of the next query under specific conditions in the Query window. When consecutive sections are all too small (e.g., 64K), the original program's optimization with MinResultAccessFactor would actually slow down the scanning speed. Now, a set of MinResultAccessFactorThreshold options has been added to address this issue. MinResultAccessFactorThreshold Set a value for the section size (in bytes). The MinResultAccessFactor option will only take effect when the section size is greater than this value. Default size is 1048576(1MB). Fixed the issue that the Refresh function was not working in the Query window caused by the previous update. View the full article
  13. NXMP 0.8.0 Changelog: Added ISO DVD VIDEO Support (both DVD and HD-DVD) (it will play the longest track as default) GUI Updated (Now show file date on FS that support it) Audren Audio Output (SDL still the default if not changed in settings) Media Probe (for Playlist duration parsing and in future for other cool things) Mini Player (while browsing NXMP contents) Battery % and Clock HH::MM on Menu Context Menu (For File Browsing and Playlist Menu) Sorting Files (Name,Date,Size) User extension list in config file (you can filter the file extensions you want) Disabled start if in applet mode (We need full RAM Access) Button description at the bottom of the screen for relevant functions Changes Config file for Network section changed (see README.md for details) Updated SQLite from 3.7.3 to 3.43.1 Fixed VP9 HW Decoder Fix MPEG2 Video now default to HW Decoding Layout on dock mode Small fixes in code Knonw Issues Tons of changes can lead to tons of bugs... I know code is a mess but works (i am slowly trying to make it better) Release Info Since the ini parser changed is recommended to start with a fresh ini The network share syntax changed see README View the full article
  14. Added Add Plugins updater Backup Local Plugins Improve local cheats & patches updater Local update (Cheats, Patches, Plugins) scans files in 8 possible mounted USB partitions and HDD Adjust Circle/Cross button assignment based on console settings Download App update .pkg to usb0 if available Changed Changed backup paths to: /mnt/usb0/backups/(name) /data/GoldHEN/backup/name/ Misc Update Open Orbis SDK version Includes latest official cheat+patch+plugin pack (2023-09-21) View the full article
  15. Added support for "SCAN for Hidden Sections" in the Query window. When executed, it will scan all Hidden Sections and verify the actual start and end addresses of sections in the PS4's memory that contain data. This scan will take a significant amount of time, at least one hour or more. The relevant execution steps are as follows: Enable the "SectionViewDetectHiddenSection" and "WriteHiddenSectionConf" options in the Options window. Open the Query window and wait for the Hidden Sections conf file to be generated. Verify if the "path to PS4CheaterNeo\sections\[GAME_ID].conf" file exists. Once the conf file is confirmed to exist, select the "SCAN for Hidden Sections" scan type and begin the scan, which will take at least one hour. After completing the scan, you can check if there have been any changes in the conf file's contents. When opening a new Query window, it will automatically load the corresponding game ID's conf file and display Hidden Section addresses and whether they should be shown, based on the configuration. The conf file format is "SID, Start, End, Valid, Prot, Name" with each line recording a local Hidden Section. When "Valid" is false, it means that this section has no data. WriteHiddenSectionConf: Determine whether to enable writing detected hidden section configurations to the "path to PS4CheaterNeo\sections\[GAME_ID].conf" path. This option must be enabled when using the "SCAN for Hidden Sections" query window scan type. Note: Enabling this option will result in longer startup times for the Query window as it queries [GAME_ID] information every time the program starts. Default disabled. View the full article
  16. ao486: - Adjustment in HV-integer scaling (Adam Strzelecki). - Reworked mixer. Can control separately CD, MIDI (Adlib and MT32), speaker and master volume of the core. Both SB16 and SBPro mixers are implemented. View the full article
  17. Distribution repo: - Improved download_distribution.py utility to also work with branches and subpaths. - Added “mister_firmware” as filter term for matching just the MiSTer firmware file. - Fixed a bug on db_operator.py that caused the utility to not handle uppercase file hashes correctly. - Added a way to easily add extra single files to the distribution under the “user-content-file” category. - Moved Genesis Cheats to MegaDrive folder. Adding SMS cheats to the MegaDrive folder too. View the full article
  18. Downloader: - Version 1.8 released. - Introduced a free space check before installing files. The minimum free space can be adjusted at your own risk using the minimum_system_free_space_mb and minimum_external_free_space_mb options in downloader.ini. More information is available in the README file. - Added the capability to back up and restore system files during Linux updates (wizzo). Files included so far: /etc/hostname, /etc/hosts, /etc/network/interfaces, /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/dhcpcd.conf, /etc/fstab - Introduced a new test bench to realistically measure system performance during development. - Deprecated the base_path option. While it is still used internally, it has been removed from the README and is no longer intended for user customization. - Implemented file system caching that improves the speed of short runs (runs with no updates) by around 3x when the system has been recently initialized. - Databases are now processed in parallel during file installations, increasing overall speed. This results in a 5-15% speed improvement with stable Ethernet connections, and I've measured up to a 50% speed improvement on less reliable Wi-Fi connections. - Introduced a job system to manage concurrency. Currently, it is used for fetching, installing, and validating files. - Reworked the build script to reduce the bundle size, slightly speeding up the time the launcher takes to download it during each Downloader run. - Local storage is now saved without compression, saving around a second in all runs but using slightly more system space (typically less than 5 MB). - Improved handling of file and folder creation errors. - Fixed a bug affecting non-Keep-Alive connections. - Fixed a bug that occurred when trying to hash a corrupted file. - Fixed a bug affecting the download filters feature under certain conditions. - Reimplemented the debug script in Python, adding additional options and features. This is useful primarily for development. - Various other fixes and improvements. View the full article
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  20. Download from my website: https://betterwayelectronics.com.au/downloads/BwE_PS4_NOR_Validator.rar Archive Password: BwE View the full article
  21. Improvements to stability and usability: Further improvements to overall stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience. View the full article
  22. Improvements to stability and usability: Further improvements to overall stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience. View the full article
  23. Improvements to stability and usability: Further improvements to overall stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience. View the full article
  24. Fixed: issue with compress context menu View the full article
  25. version 1.6.0 of MultiServer. Uploaded on Google Drive due to much bigger size. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hAZhuDEkBmEjooHGr_nGsjhdxqDwDvvl/view?usp=sharing View the full article
  26. Added support for "Jump to Address" in the HexEditor's context menu. Enter an address, and it will automatically navigate to that location. Added support for "Jump to Offset" in the HexEditor's context menu. Enter an offset value from the current address, and it will navigate to the address relative to the current position. Negative offsets are also accepted. /avan06/PS4CheaterNeo/raw/ /avan06/PS4CheaterNeo/raw/ /avan06/PS4CheaterNeo/raw/ Added support for setting the starting address of HiddenSection as the end address of the previous section. avoiding starting addresses that do not end with an integer 0. You can enable/disable this by setting the HiddenSectionStartAtPreviousEnd option, which is enabled by default. /avan06/PS4CheaterNeo/raw/ HiddenSectionStartAtPreviousEnd Determine whether to enable the starting address of the Hidden Section to be the end address of the previous section. If not enabled, the starting address will be the end address of the previous section plus 1. Default enable. View the full article
  27. Added a Section switching ComboBox at the top right of the Hex Editor, allowing for quick Section switching. #26 /avan06/PS4CheaterNeo/raw/ /avan06/PS4CheaterNeo/raw/ PointerListView has been changed to VirtualMode, improving processing speed. PointerFinder now supports stable sorting, maintaining the relative order of the previous sorting during sorting. Improved the execution efficiency of 'Select All' in ResultView within the Query window. #33 Changed the format of the LastHiddenSectionLengthHex option from int to ulong, so now this option is not limited by the int32 upper limit, and when initializing the last hidden section, it will be automatically processed in segments according to the buffer length (128MB). #27 Previously, when detecting hidden sections, there was no segmentation processing for each section. Now, each detected hidden section is segmented according to the buffer length (128M), following the standard section processing method. This helps reduce memory usage during Query scanning. /avan06/PS4CheaterNeo/raw/ Added support for "Check that contains Hidden", "Uncheck that contains Hidden" in the right-click menu of the SectionView in the Query window. /avan06/PS4CheaterNeo/raw/ View the full article
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